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8:13 PM

24th MAY 2008

Etched by Isaac

This post will be in chronological order...unlike the previous post.hahaha...

Today started with the opening ceremony of the Horley Link. Finally we students would be able to get to the LRT station without having to make a long detour! I was in the BB band - we would be playing the Negaraku and MBS school song. After a LONG wait for the VIP...(we were standing in the sun for about 45 minutes...), our Transport Minister finally arrived. the kompang group started the beat and we watched them accompany the minister to his seat. We played the two songs. After that, there was a silat performance and then speeches. The BB is known for being tough - others were sitting while we stood at attention..haha

hha...throughout the whole officiating ceremony. I noticed that Datuk Ong Tee Keat is really TALL!..i think he's taller than me..=D
After the speeches, everybody went to the Link...while we band members went back to YC to keep our instruments.

The Form 5 BB members decided to take some pictures for memories as this might be the last time we gathered together in full uniform **sobs ..the times we've spent together have made us like real Brothers. that's all i can say.

The Form 5's
from left - L/Cpl Isaac, Cpl Anthony, L/Cpl Woo, Cpl. Ng, L/Cpl Wong, L/Cpl Yem, L/Cpl Liew, L/Cpl Matthew, L/Cpl Loke and L/Cpl Cheng

Jack Kee and I - we happen to share the same surname...hahahha!!... couldn't stop laughing when i first saw this picture..LoL - we look as if we're running away from a monster or something..hahahahaha!!

...and another two such pictures...xian lum, kee an, toh seng and daniel ..hahahahaha!!

~dayreaming - what will the future be like??~

After the crazy photo taking session, i brought 5 of my friends - Anthony, Kee An, Voon Ho , Adrian and Xian Lum to my house...we spent the day playing monopoly, badminton and basically just having fun!! Time flew~~~~~~~

Monopoly - i haven't played it for ..years..hahaha

I was playing piano...
..when xian lum called me...hahaha

refugee camp?...nope..
it's Kee An pondering something..loL
Voon Ho ~~^^~~

At 6.05pm, i was at the Ampang LRT station - doing what??...- i was the LRT traffic manager director...or so called..hahahha!!
I was actually telling my guests which car to follow..haha..
my party is the only party that tranport is i waited at the station for about 50 minutes...or 6 trains..

On to the party!!..i showed up the the middle of the games session - Teck Juan was dancing...then he pushed me to dance..but i didn't know how to dance!!....
Luckily Yee Seng helped me out..and we danced...the ....Merdeka Dance..hahahhaha.. =.="..
The dancing session was followed by charades..then we had Food. Food.- there was plenty to go around =)..
A big thank you to all my Cellgroup members - without them, the party would not have been possible - it's not even in my house!

I was busy rushing back and forth..entertaining the guests. There seemed to be 3 camps. The BB gang, the MBS /form 5 gang and my church friends gang. Undoubtedly, the BB guys were the life of the party..
I won't forget how they /we (hahaha...) sang the school song, Hari Ini , Marching Dream and some other favourites Chee Cheong Fun. Oh ya..they sang "Happy Birthday " in 4 languages too.... church friends thought that the BB guys were the school choir ..WoW....this shows that our voices are really good .^^ ,..The cellgroup members, who were inside the house, were wondering what was going on, so they came out and watched us sing. ...I couldn't stop smiling and laughing..while singing...
I got a sore throat after that..and i couldn't give my speech i got my father to do it for me. =)
I played the piano. what did i play??..go ask those who went..i'm not performance was altered last minute..and i played more than i planned to..from one song to ..erm...4 songs i think. Anyway, everyone enjoyed themselves. I was told that my playing was great! happy...hahahahha!!
My father then gave a testimony on my behalf. To all those people who are wondering what miracle food i's the answer. I feed on the Word of God. The Bible. Every morning, i get up early and before i go to school, i spend some time with God. Communicating with God. Praying and reading the Bible. Every night, before i go to sleep, i thank God for the day and for all that he has done for me and i commit the next day into His hands.
As a child, i was very sickly. In primary school, my attendance record was a miserable 58%. The other 42% was spent either at home in bed under the care of my mom or in the hospital. I still remember waking up at 3 in the morning and being brought to GH. My dad would carry me. I would be linked up to a machine that pumped pure oxygen into my respiratory system(i forgot what it's called..trans- something) . I had asthma. Until the age of 14, i didn't recover. Sports?... i couldn't participate in any - i would be wheezing away- that's why i'm not good in any sport now...the only sport i care about is badminton - can't get enough of it...^^. The BB boys will know ...every meeting without fail, i would be the casualty - the fainted person sitting at the side. I know exactly what it means to " see stars".. it's black and white with many dots, and then you can't hear clearly and your head feels either very light or heavy, then you lose control of your body and you fall. I fell once, to be caught by my squad members who then carried me off to the side and unbuttoned my shirt, loosened my boots and belt and got me water to drink. That's Isaac. always fainting. people call me weak. They don't know what i went through. However, God is good and now i'm okay. Miracles do happen. I've seen more than one. I'm part of one.
My peers never fail to ask me how i manage all that i do, and be successful at it. I can only say that it is impossible but with God, all things are possible. I'm a living testimony to the greatness and grace of God. I got 3 gold medals last year. First time in the history of the ICAS in Malaysia. I've been consistently getting good, no, Great results since i was in standard 1. First in class since Std. 1. Even i can't believe how wonderful my God has been; this is impossible by sole human effort. I don't study 24 hours. I play the piano and do other stuff too. God blessed me with distinctions in my Grade 5 and Grade 8 theory and practical examinations. My grade 5 exam was my first exam. I skipped grades 1 to 4....the Grade 8 exam was the next exam as i also skipped the grades 6 and 7. All this in three years. My piano teachers said that they were taking a gamble by signing me up for the exams. I can only say that God is Good. I wouldn't be anything like what i am now if not for God. I might not even be alive!

Ok, enough about the testimony that i couldn't give because i got a sore throat.

The cake- cutting followed - secret recipe...nice..hahahahha...
After that, we just chatted and laughed. I have never smiled and laughed this much in all my entire life!! I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends who attended my party and made it a really memorable one.!!
This will most probably be the last party for a long time to come - the last time i celebrated was when i was in Standard 5! ..and i don't know where i will be next year...maybe not in Malaysia..
that's why i was really sad when some of my friends couldn't make it for the party. One of them in particular was Janice. Hmm... after the cake cutting, some of my friends asked me whether i wanted to call janice. ..We ended up using Wai Xhen's phone (thank you wai xhen!!) and we all listened. i wanted to say "I miss you" to janice, but i didn't dare to...hahhaha..oh well...she said "Happy Birthday" to me..i suppose that's good enough...teck juan asked her to sing me a birthday song- i'm yet to hear it...XD...thanks janice!!

the party ended at around 10.15..and my friends were sent to the LRT station.By whom?..the cellgroup members. Thank you to the cellgroup members again!!.

I went home with my 5 friends...hehe..we had a sleepover. We camped in my hall. The next day, we would be going together for the Enrolment Sunday.

Oooh...i've never received so many presents in my whole life!!.

~~presents ^^ ~~~

...really happy....and tired was wonderful!!...but..yeah...i miss you janice...hope i'll see you soon...^^ know why..hehehehe...

..i wonder whether anyone will finish reading this LONG post..hehehe....yeah..the other party photos are at my friendster page - i don't want to do double uploading- it's rather slow...hehe..

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