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today was Teachers' Day.

"Happy Teachers' Day!!"

Quoting our school captain,

" let us all show our teachers our deep gratitude by standing up and wishing our teachers. Are you ready? One, two, three. Happy Teachers' Day!..."

~~~students stand up~~~ "Thank you teachers!!!"

Mr. Wong was pleasantly surprised..=D

On the dark side....o.O

two prefects caught three students playing truant. the captain and the secretary caught three boys playing truant. Yee Seng and I caught 3 boys playing truant. where in the world?? a bus stop.
The moment they saw us, their heads swiveled to face the ground. They acted deaf when we asked them which school they were from. That's how we knew they were from our school.
I don't know what is happening to the Form 2's...their discipline leaves much to be desired.

i went home after Teachers' Day feeling very tired....i think i walked more than 7 km that day...
i almost got conned into buying panadol for janice..hahahaha...sharveena..don't try to trick me...panadol doesn't work for i know that because she said so. =P
aih...after Teachers' Day, i wanted to go for lunch. i waited with bernard, yee seng, chei thai and benny for zhuang xiao. ..but i got impatient as i had to go soon; my brother was at the YC - he would be waiting until I got back (i felt rather guilty). I ended up eating at the old chinese restaurant near the chinese methodist church all by myself. Yee Seng called me...but i had just placed my order, so i just waved at them and said 'byebye.'...
My lunch cost me RM 10.50....."wah"..... but the food was nice..=)

I spent about 3 hours on the phone at home. Doing what??..confirming who would be coming for my party on the next day and arranging their transport for them. I was really sad/disappointed that matthew AND janice couldn't make it.*sobs* i so wanted them ..especially her come...but...arrghhh....

Now for the day before Teachers' Day. -Thursday - 22/05
I said that i didn't have the mood to blog.
hehe....that was before my mum received a sms at 11.30pm.

"Hi! I've got Isaac's results. Congratulations!! You got a distinction!! 91 marks."

Woohoo!!! I was over the moon, on Cloud Nine in seventh heaven!!

That showed me that hard work pays off- i spent about 3 hours a day during the end year hols doing theory. Theory Theory Theory. Now I've got my GD 8 distinction for both theory and practical!! . How could i do that??.one way - with help from God. My teacher said that I'm the first student in the history of the music school to get a distinction for Grade 8 theory - ABRSM.
Glory be to God!!!!

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