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9:28 PM

Enrolment Sunday

Etched by Isaac

oohh...we woke up at woke up at 6.20...hahahaha..the others were still sleeping.
soon they were awake and we rushed to wash up and they had to pack.

Now i know exactly how to get attention.

Walk into a mamak store in Full BB uniform.
the moment we got out of the car, heads turned and eyes swiveled...hahahahaha!!!
I'll put the picture here as soon as i get them...^^



Xian Lum, Me, Voon Ho, Kee An and Mum

Gordon and Adrian

Anthony - Huge Smile

Xian Lum
Voon Ho ^^

Kee An (with my mum in the background)

Me?..blur face


Enrolment Sunday was would be my last..oh well..
after that, i managed to get this photo :

first edit..
...second edit...
Anthony and I - this may be the last time we get together in uniform *sobs* he's such a good friend to me

i went home for a present opening ceremony (crap...hahaha)
...using a blade and a pair of scissors, it took me about an hour and a half to unwrap all the presents.

to all my great friends!!..
i really like the presents..=D
and the funny cards...hahahaha
Eugene told me "may you always grow taller"..LoL.

Thank you to Janice i know how to edit the time and dates of blog posts..hahahaha

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