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8:13 PM

Holiday is not Holiday

Etched by Isaac


what is a holiday??....i think it SHOULD be :

..a time when you can relax..
..a time to not go to school..
..a time to recover from the busy school life..
..a time to enjoy yourself..
..a time to sit back and surf the net and chat the whole day..
..a time to to play computer games undisturbed..
..a time to just forget about the worries of the world..


my holiday
this :

A time of going to school ALMOST EVERYDAY
A time of doing endless Diagnostic Papers
A time of finishing up the unfinished assignments
A time of getting scolded in extra classes
A time of spending my whole day in school
A time of being stressed over everything until i can't relax
A time of wondering whether holiday is better than school day
A time of doing more work than during school days
A time of preparation for SPM after coming back from extra classes



at least, i enjoyed the beginning..=D

Good Luck to the BB Members who are going to play for tomorrow's Euro Cup Opening ceremony!!

I will always remember this : THE BAND CAN GO ON WITHOUT ME.

Hear that Kee An???

~~change of mood~~

Today, it was the first time i had ever seen a teacher scold the class until she cried. Yes, she CRIED. Not that she was weeping or wailing, but i could see that her eyes were red and she had trouble controlling herself. 5K and 5C, we have to avoid such happenings in the future. MUST!
If a teacher can take the trouble to arrange for extra classes to be held during the holidays, the lucky clowns had BETTER BE THERE. At least show some appreciation to the poor teacher. In the end, it's for the students' own good; the teacher doesn't lose out, the students lose out if they don't attend the class.
I , for one will definitely make all the effort to be at the classes.
A big thank you to none other than our adorably plump teacher, Mrs. Ramani! , for being so kind as to hold extra classes during the holidays so we can prepare adequately for our SPM and trials too.

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