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4:35 PM


Etched by Isaac


"I trashed my computer into the recycle bin. And emptied it. Now it's GONE!!!!! I can't find it!! Oh no..."

hahaha...he trashed it using a finger and almost no effort..hahahhaa..
Bernard!!...great one...


1. this guy...actually threw away his PC and recycled it.

2. this guy dragged his "My Computer" shortcut and dropped it on the "Recycle Bin" .and emptied it.

swt....we were laughing all the way to Hang Tuah today..not bad..

Isaac has a blog.
hahahhahaa...even i can't believe it!
..hmm..i started 'using' the Internet only last year. That was when i created my friendster account. ..that i'm blogging!!..
..what are blogs about?..not too sure..not long as they make good reading ...they should be good...why do people blog?..not sure either..maybe to waste have a sense of "this is my Blog..My Blog..My Very Own Blog.My Kingdom..."..swt...maybe they like sharing their life with others...maybe..maybe..maybe....
what in the world am i crapping about??...why would anyone want Everyone to know All About them??..hahaa..even i can't answer that..

carp .is a fish. crab .is a crustacean. crap. is nonsense. grab. is an action. defrag. is a long process. zigzag. is one of the few nice words that have two "z"s and "g"s..

waliao ..isaac crapping...what to do.?..
exams pass too fast.
One More Week.
3 more days.
this weekend i have to finish the Folio.Aiyoh!...take pictures and write reports. Pendidikan Moral. pasti bermoral.
accounts class tomorrow. 8 am. have to wake up early. no surfing tonight. have to play piano. Yay...can mess up the chords.
long weekend.
will miss her.
hope not too much.

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