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5:18 PM

mid Exam crisis

Etched by Isaac

ooohh...Mrs. Ramani will flay me alive for writing 12 whole pages...oh well..too bad..i can't help it..

from today onwards..till Thursday, the school day will be like this:

  1. Assembly
  2. Rush to class
  3. take 1st exam
  4. exam ends and recess starts at the same time (meaning that there's less recess time..)
  5. ..recess ends and start next paper in 5 minutes...
  6. paper ends at 1.10 or 1.15..
  7. ..repeat mind was so blur after the first paper today. After the second paper, i was feeling dazed. I started LiE In A Daze!...then wrote so much..argh...

can't wait for the exams to finish.

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