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4:58 PM

My Very First Original Music CD ^^

Etched by Isaac

Today i got my very first ORIGINAL music CD. LoL..
not really..i bought it, no....i redeemed it. A Very Big Thank You to my piano teacher who gave me a RM 50 MPH gift voucher as a birthday present..^^ today my mum brought me and my brother to Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle after my accounts class and we spent 1 whole hour in the bookstore. At first, i was looking for a book, but i felt that buying a book would be a waste of the voucher because once i read the book , it would end up collecting dust on the bookshelf. In addition to that, i read pretty fast...ask those who know me well..hahaha!!

Actually, my teacher was supposed to come for my party, and we would be performing a duet : she on the violin and me on the piano, but she had a last minute performance for her orchestra and couldn't make it...oh well, i'll arrange something like that next time. =D

Now, as i type, i'm listening to Elton John..hahahahaa..nice..the piano playing is simply Great!!

After leaving Jusco, we went to a cake house where they sell wonderful buns for a fraction of what you would pay outside - eg. sausage buns are RM 1.80 in normal bakeries; they cost RM 0.90 there. However, the buns cannot be kept longer than 48 hours - they will spoil as they do not have preservatives. Their egg tarts are nice. Yummy!

This holiday is rather packed. Almost everyday , there will be classes in school. more holidays...and i'm still feeling the impact of the party - i'm BLUR!!!..very blur --must sleep earlier tonight...tomorrow must wake up again at 6.30am...aaahh....

poor janice has a fever and a cold...sniff...she sounded so different when i called her yesterday...Get Well Soon Janice!!

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