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11:49 AM


Etched by Isaac

A day to...
..since i took study leave from the BB, i felt a void in my saturdays.....
..when i walked back to the LRT from school after accounts class, i felt that i was missing something.
yeah. that's the BB. i miss the BB. BB is really great. Too bad. i have to study. I have given the best of my school years to the BB. Every Single Saturday last year was spent in school. 7 to 7. or maybe later and earlier. Camps, worship practices, squad meetings, band practices, training and more. If there isn't any BB activity , then there will be school replacement classes on Saturday. Anyhow, there's still accounts class in the morning. If there aren't replacement classes, there will be some event. something will come saturdays are practically gone.

cannot relax. I have to finish the Moral Folio. Arghh. How does the folio show that 'seseorang murid bermoral'??...anyone can just fake the photos and copy the reports..
hand up next Tuesday.

cannot relax. I have to study for next week. 3 more days of exams. Accounts 2 is the major obstacle. computer literacy and PJK are the ruts in the ground that make me trip. physics 1 and chem 1 are hurdles. chem 3 is a big hole in the floor. EST is the wind in my face. Ooo.i can use metaphors...hahaha...5 years of learning Komponen Sastera and 1.5 years of LiE have left their mark on me...swt...

cannot relax. i will only relax...after SPM. 6 more months.
then what?. no one knows...i don't know...
how to relax?...also not sure...because i haven't i don't know how to relax...arrgghhh...tense. past tense. present tense. future tense. present and past perfect and continuous tenses. past and present principles. grammar is complex. beauty lies in complexion. not complexity..or is it so?..crap.

does blogging help me to relax.? not too sure though...
i still don't know why i started blogging. hmmmph.
what inspired me....
what was it?
other factors?
nope. i think it was that certain somebody who got me interested in blogging. =D

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