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1:11 PM

..will be 17 years old today

Etched by Isaac

Today is my 17th birthday.

What am i doing??

I'm actually at home, setting up Windows XP on a new hard drive.. ..creating partitions, formatting them, enduring the setup process...2 hours plus....
hahaha. Yesterday i bought the DVD -Windows XP SP3 (pirated, naturally..haha..)
..after i'd done that, i began downloading all the new drivers and installing them.

now i'm downloading the Nvidia driver pack - seventy something MB..aihh...
Flashget helps a lot, though.

hmm..chipset driver, LAN driver, motherboard BIOS, DVD firmware, Printer software, Nvidia Nview Desktop....ASUS DVD...Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, Flash Player...the essentials.

After that, i will have to make an image of the hard help if it crashed in the future..........

Once i've done all that, i'll be doing the Diagnostic Papers. Sejarah.. Biology. Chemistry. Aih....
Add on - other stuff like magazine articles and board meeting minutes.
Have to practice piano too - it's the joy of the day

I hope i'll have the time to play my game - Supreme Commander Forged Alliance.
..i want to finish the skirmish i started last night..hehehe...DeMelta will go DOWN.

I'll only be 17 now i'm spending the part of my last day of being 17 years old blogging.^^

16 whole years. What have i accomplished?...hmm...quite a lot i think. But then again, when i compare it to some other people, i still have a long way to go. Oh well, i don't want to worry about it. Leave it to God. He'll guide me. I know that because it's for sure.

The porridge has been cooked- egg porridge. That is my self-cooked birthday lunch. Dinner will be Pizza. Happy Birthday Isaac.

The TM people came and changed my it's BLUE and has a louder ring.

isshh.what am i complaining about?...last week I celebrated my birthday with a great party!.. so now i don't need to celebrate it..anyway. oh well...

Thanks to all who gave me presents...
Thanks to all who were present last week =)
More thanks to all who weren't present but gave me a present.
Thanks to Daddy who bought me a new hard drive - 250 GB...wah much space now.hahaha!!
Thanks to Mummy who practically organised the whole party.
Thanks to Gordon for just being there.
Thanks to everybody!

I'm kinda getting over my crush now. i think. perhaps. it was nice, though - while it lasted. now i'm unsure whether it's still there. oohh...maybe it is. i don't know for sure.

I do know that i have to make full use of today. I have to finish up all the unfinished work i left behind this week. Next week is another story.

I'm trying out this software- XPRESS RECOVERY 2....let's see how well it works.

2 opinions:

n-L said...


Why didnt u tell me ur b'day's on the 31st?..i felt smt fishy coz i rmb u telling me ur bday is not on THAT day...ish ish nonetheless,u SHALL receive a present from me(if u consider it a present of some sort).. =]

Isaac said...

here i am, over seven years after this comment was published.
Thank you for the present or the intention of giving me a present :D honestly, i don't remember right now whether you gave me one or not, but it's alright.

Time flies!