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8:57 PM


Etched by Isaac

now i know that Secret Recipe cakes are CheaPer than King's Confectionery..hahahhaha...i didn't know that= D

by the way..


..means ??

in normal everyday usage, we would probably define REBUS as a method of cooking and REBUT as a squabble to get something.

Guess what.

They are both also ENGLISH!

REBUS - pronounced REE(rhymes with tree) - BUS (sounds like burst)

definition - noun- a combination of pictures and letters which represent a word whose meaning has to be guessed


Meaning = To Be or not to Be


REBUT - pronounced REE(rhymes with three) - BUT (yeah, sounds exactly like BUT)

Definition - formal - to say or prove that a statement or criticism is false

hehehe...improving vocabulary.. =)
Two more days of exams!!..tired~~~

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