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11:58 PM

1st day of holiday

Etched by Isaac


First day of holiday?


First day of ACTUAL holiday. Hahahaha.
The holiday lasted for 5 hours. Only. Well, it's better than nothing...

Let's see...

The day started with LiE class (which had the lowest attendance of the five classes - 49/74)
Kok Wai is just SO BLUR....sorry for him because he thought the class was still at 10.30am.
Thinking that he would be early, he showed up at 10.20 find the whole class clapping for him when he entered. Good thing our teacher was out for a break. Devastated and shocked, Kok Wai looked around, stared at everyone, and then waved goodbye. (He went to hide outside, not daring to face the wrath of Mrs. Ramani). Poor Kok Wai.

Hmm...maybe it's my fault for not telling him that the class time changed. Maybe it's his fault too for not asking. Oh's over.

After class, we (Mun Fei, Yee Seng, Lap Bann, Bernard and I) went to Bernard's house for a while , then we left for Times Square. Yeah! It was the first time I had been to Times Square (for leisure)..hehe...

We had lunch at KFC - long time since I stepped into a KFC - the chicken seems to have had stunted growth before they slaughtered it, the mashed potato and coleslaw plastic cups have shrunk in size and the price spiralled upwards in spite of that. Lol. Petrol prices have increased.
We met Darma, Afiq and Voon Keong there. The next stop was the arcade. No, the toilet, then the arcade. KFC is SO cold.~~hands froze~~

I came out of the arcade with a headache. It was just so noisy and I'm not used to I know why some people seem to have bad hearing - if you spend the whole day there, you won't be able to hear much after coming out..^^

Anthony joined us and we walked to the Pavilion. Mun Fei and Bernard were our 'tour guides'. While walking there, I bumped into Uncle David. Well, not literally, but he saw me and called me, obviously surprised to see me - I didn't notice him at first, but it was a pleasant surpise though. Later that night, I found out that his whole family had been there, and they saw me but I didn't see them because I was too busy talking to my friends. O.o.

Upon reaching the Pavilion, we grouped at the GSC and found out that Afiq had failed to book the earlier movie time (2.15) so we would be watching the movie at 3pm. 1 hour to kill.
We ended up sitting around eating doughnuts at J.Co (my suggestion ^^). 1 dozen for RM 20. The doughnuts were nice. Mine had peanut butter inside and sugary treacle on top - a calorie bomb....hahaha.

The J.Co staff are rather inefficient. Or so I think. The queue was so long and they were taking their own sweet time. I hear that it is always that slow. Maybe people are willing to wait because their doughnuts are so nice.

Up to the cinema. Hall 2. I think. Obviously we were the early birds there as the seats were rather empty. We actually planned to move to the centre seats later if nobody claimed them, but by the end of the movie, they were all occupied.
The movie - Kung Fu Panda - was ...(this is all I can remember)

1. Funny.
2. More Funny.
3. Hilarious.
4. Comedy.
5. Ha -ha funny.
6. About this fat panda who accidentally became the "Dragon Warrior" o.O.
7. There ARE no accidents.
8. The secret ingredient is....NOTHING. LoL
9. Aaahhhh~~!!!. The Wuxi finger hold. Do you know what happens if I flex my pinkie?? Oh yes. No No.!! ~~that's so fake.....
10. Revolves around the fat panda's stomach. Or tummy. Or belly. Or spare tyre.
11. **Everybody was KungFu do you put tunes in words??...
12. Overall GREAT! =D

The movie is clearly a comedy with the main purpose of giving the audience a good laugh. Plenty of slapstick humour and crude jokes..and Po (the panda) SQUASHING the *evil student* (Tai Lung) with his bottom. Bouncing off Po's tummy is quite usual in the movie too....
I laughed my way through the movie. HAHAHAHA.
Although there wasn't much of a story, but it was nice. A good way to start the SHORT holiday before getting back to work.

So today was a day of firsts.

First time entering Times Square for leisure.
First time watching movie with school friends.
First time eating J.Co doughnuts.
First time entering an arcade not in blazer and tie. Lol...
First time walking to Pavilion.
First time hanging out with friends aimlessly.
First time eating KFC with friends.
First time going out after school to enjoy myself with friends.
First time visiting Bernard's house.
First time looking at VI school field from Bernard's house - it's SO BIG and CLEAN!
First time my friends saw me wearing long sleeve and told me that I would be hot but then later said I made the right choice because the cinema was so cold.
First time observing the way youngsters dress when they go out - a lot at TS.
First time I enjoyed myself so much. =D

Holiday is over. *sobs*
Back to work.

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