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4:14 PM

2nd day of school

Etched by Isaac

My 2nd day of school.
Still feels like a holiday.
Holiday didn't feel like holiday, school doesn't feel like school.
Maybe it's because I spent much of the holiday in school, so now it's just normal.

>>>The sky darkened as grey clouds scudded around quickly covering the blue sky as the assembly was about to start. As the bell rang, a flash of lightning lit the place and a thunder clap sounded in the distance>>>

Ok, so it wasn't that dramatic, but that was about what happened today. It rained and the assembly had to be cancelled. I wonder whether it will rain tomorrow - the weather has gone from bad to worse to totally unpredictable. o.O

I was rather surprised when I found out today that a teacher had saw my classmate on YouTube, and he didn't know about that video. ...looks like he didn't know that he was videoed. This is pretty I'm trying to find the video.

Diagnostic papers. Why do we (Form 5 students) have to suffer like this??'s bad enough that we have to take exams, but by doing the diagnostic papers, we're actually doing TWO exams. Double the work. Double the practice, I suppose...maybe it's good for us SPM students. My teachers are worried for my class because we missed out on our studies after going for the Merdeka dancing last year (about 2 months). While other students were learning their last two or three chapters of each subject, we were having the time of our life learning dance moves under the scorching sun and getting suntanned (or That past action has resulted in us not knowing our sylabus well. At least the last few chapters. Now, as we get back our results, we can see the effect. Too late??...I hope not. We can still turn the scenario around, by being hardworking and NOT LAZY ....actually I'm very happy that there was no homework today..hahhha...if not, then I wouldn't be blogging. No time!!

When will the Horley Link be open??....I thought the opening ceremony had been carried out a long time ago??'s still locked I think. However, even if it IS opened, I may choose not to use it, so I can walk the long way to Hang Tuah with my friends who stay there. Sometimes. Other times, I'll use it. Hmmph..I'll have to pay extra RM0.50 for each trip. There are rumours that RapidKL wants to increase their fares by as much as 100%. RM2.40 for a one way trip from Plaza Rakyat to Ampang. Multiply that by 2. = RM4.80. RM4.80!!..then the bus and taxi fares will also go up and up and up. ~~~~~~sigh~~~~~~....pocket money not enough to get home everyday...maybe I'll have to walk. 40 minutes. LoL....what if it rains?? shoes are dead. Hmmm..cycle home...and get knocked down by crazy, I'd rather walk. I'll probably end up taking the taxi though. Hahahhaha.

Hope the 6 people I tagged will do the tag. The questions are below. (the previous post). Just don't tag me again..please..hahahahaha~~~

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