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8:41 PM

Academic Day = What a Day!!

Etched by Isaac

Today was Academic Day
...the day that students shivered in their skins..
...the day that parents came to school for the first time (*snickers*)
...the day that most students dreaded
...the day that teachers got to tell the parents all the mischief their sons/daughters had done
...the day that the school hall was totally packed

For me...

...I couldn't find my mom..
...I hunted through the whole school, school hall included..
...I walked around the school 2 times just to make sure she wasn't there..
...Then, I went to the phones next to the office..
...I saw the crowd, did a U-Turn and headed for YC..
...While queuing up for the phone at YC, my mother appeared, with my brother.

Next to the school hall (jam-packed)

We got the Number 11
The queue was at Number 2.
1 person = 20 minutes (average) mom didn't have the time
It ended up with us cutting the queue
My mom just took the report card folder and signed the form...
no need to talk to the class teacher for ages...
We gave the Number 11 to the mother with Number 12.
And left. Lol.

Or rather, stopped to see Pn. Khaw (talked about scholarships and college/Form 6 and academic stuff....the level of A1 and A2...triple one nine...Taylors' College...according to Pn. Khaw, I should not have any problem..."Your son shouldn't have any problems...don't worry...") =D

Hahahaha~~ a lot of my friends look like their parents... (very similar)

Eng Hoe is equal (if not greater than) his father in size....
Dennis is a smaller version of his father...
Anthony has his mother's face
My mom says that Kee An looks like his mother...but I say that he looks like his father...can his father and mother look alike??.. lol
Sharveena brought her father AND mother ( a rarity among students )
Kar Jun's mother doesn't look at all like what I would expect...=D
Matthew's dad is like him..
Yee Seng came with Mother And Sister. o.O

And some don't.

Bernard is taller than his father
Wanyi's mom looks like her sister
*Soo's mother and the Hoh twins' mother look alike*
Janice's father is superbly tall...
Most students are taller than their parents say it's due to nutrition..I don't know...
Jack Kee doesn't look like his mother ( who asked me to find him)..maybe he looks like his father (whom I've never seen)
Voon Ho's mother smiled at me =) and I smiled back and said "Hallo, aunty". I didn't really recognise her though, until I asked Voon Ho whether she was his mother.. oops..hahaha (he doesn't look like her...)

That's a bit of what I observed today. Not bad considering that I'm running around drenched in sweat and .....

Today I walked about 10 km. In school only. Doing what??... becoming the 'postman'... no.. rather.. Yea, better word. "Messenger" - I delivered messages .

Weixing, your mom is here

Wai Soon , your mother is waiting

Have you seen Jack Kee?

Jack Kee, please go to the hall

Sorry, madam , should I call your son?

Kuan Lim, you have to go now

Cikgu, sudahkah ibu murid ini datang mengambil keputusannya?

Do you need me to call your mother? How do I know who's your mother??

LoL!!! Today there was a meeting for the Form 3 and Form 4 members of the prefectorial board.
And... their parents couldn't find them as the meeting was held in a secluded place.
I ended up being the link between the parents and their sons...Hahahaha~~~

Good exercise, though. My blazer was... "can squeeze water (sweat) from it " - soaked. (exaggerating a bit)

Teachers saw me and asked me

Wear blazer? Aren't you hot?

Me : Nods head.. Yes, hot, but nevermind, teacher..

Parents dispersed steadily and around 3.45 pm, there weren't many left..

Poor Hwa Jiunn's mom got stuck in a jam, and the teacher left his file in the office. Same goes for Wen Pul.

My results :

1 IT

Understand??. . argh. My trial results will be different. Oh, will be VERY DIFFERENT.
(if I can stop wasting time on the PC blogging. Period)

When I reached home, it was raining ..
(thank you Teck Juan for sending me home!! =D )

~~took bath~~
~~sat down at piano~~
~~played until dinner~~
~~ate dinner~~
~~turned on PC~~
~~played Friendster~~
~~turned to blogging~~
~~going to go... bath again~~ ..=D~~
~~add maths. Argh. My favourite subject..that I have been neglecting...~~Lazy bum...

.GO STUDY!!! ~~GAMBATEH!!!. favourite picture.. ( I laughed when I looked at it just now)

Observe the faces (if you can~~)

Signing off~~~~~~~~~~

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