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10:20 PM

Crapped age and youth..

Etched by Isaac

Still can't find anything that I want about this poem. After an hour of fruitless searching.
Dumb poem. Lol. It's by one of the Greatest Poets of all time : William Shakespeare. And we're learning it in LiE class tomorrow. Wonderful.

I hate Bio. Well, at least Paper 3. Either I totally misunderstood the question, or the marking scheme has serious problems. Bio marks are bad, bad, bad! Well, so are the marks of the whole class. And the next door class too. No more A1. Except maybe for Kar Jun. He's PRO.

If it's the last thing I do, I'll get an A1 for the trials. Even if it's the LAST THING I DO.
Same goes for BM and Chemistry and EST. Isaac, you suck. STOP.

I don't feel like writing essays for this blog. I should practise my essay writing for the 1119 paper instead. Long essays make heavy reading. And so not many actually read them. So why bother to put in the effort?. I still wonder who reads my blog, besides two of my classmates which I already know of..hahaha...I read my blog. As I type it. Lol.

Chess Club meeting tomorrow.. Finance Club meeting on Thursday.. BB on Friday.. Accounts class on Saturday.. Duty and testimonial Everyday.. Homework on Somedays.. Piano everyday. yea...nice. =D

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