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8:34 AM

a day out today.

Etched by Isaac

today's .... schedule

1. Church - NexGen.

2. Enter a bus.

3. Reach Pavilion KL.

4. Have lunch at a food court..wonder how much i will have to pay.

5. Enter cinema.

6. Watch movie - The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian.

7. Reenter bus.

8. Return to church.

9. Go home.

10. Continue homework.


It's a good thing that life can't be put into point forms like that.
Unfortunately, i just did that.

Hmm.. Holidays have half finished. Left 1 week. How will the week go?? no ...i don't want to put it into point form again.
Let's see...there's LiE Classes - 3 days.
I have to finish the unfinished homework that i didn't do yesterday as i was hooked onto the computer.
Windows XP SP3 is fully set up and configured.
I was stuck on my skirmish after setting up the computer..hehehe

Yesterday i sat down outside the YC and waited for my brother (for BB to end)
As i sat there and did my diagnostic papers, i felt a bit weird - it was the first time i was there but not attending the BB meeting. When the dismissal ended, i just kept quiet and sat there, waiting to see how many people noticed me.

Lol. Not many people realised that i was sitting there ^^
Adrian even asked me "Hey Isaac, since when were you here??..."
..not to blame him, he was probably too busy to notice me, until i stood up and walked around (easier to see me then)

The BB is going on. I will be back. After SPM most likely... until then... it is time to STUDY. and STUDY. And STUDY more. and KEEP ON STUDYING.

..I've forgotten the functions of the Ziggurat.
..and the mechanism of production of extracellular enzmyes.
..and the kinetic theory of matter
..and much more.
got to catch up....arrgh.

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