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Taxi fare.
Ampang LRT Station.
5.00 pm.

I was with Tun Kai and we were about to take a taxi. Tun Kai got in (halfway) then got out and asked me why the meter showed RM 4.00. I immediately asked the driver why the fare increased, since when it had increased and then he got rather mad.

His exact words:

"Kalau tak mau naik, jangan naiklah!! Orang lain mau naik!!"

With that, he drove off, barely after I had closed the taxi door.
Luckily, Tun Kai heard my mum blasting the horn in her car. LoL. I didn't expect her to be there.. she had class. So, it ended up with my mum giving Tun Kai a lift home. =D

If the taxi fare really has gone up to a base price of RM4, I'm taking the bus. Or walk back. No way I'm paying RM 4 + the extra fare (about RM 1.50) just to get home everyday.
I don't think that the government has actually given the green light for the fare increase. Not yet, that is. Maybe I'm wrong. If I am, please correct me. Cutthroat fares~!

I stayed back in school today for the probationary prefects' assessment test. (Yea, they actually have a test. =D) Actually, I totally forgot about the test, until Mun Fei reminded me about it, during the 8th period. Then I didn't want to go because I wanted to go home and do my stuff. Then after school, I found out that Janice was going despite having tuition classes. She initially didn't want to go. I thought "If Janice can put the test as a higher priority than her tuition, then why can't I. In fact, I don't even have tuition or anything on." I'm proud of you Janice. That's a compliment. There's the Spirit of the Board in you. I'm kinda losing that Spirit, after 4 and a half years of being in the Board. Keep the flame burning!

When I asked her, Pn Lim said that I could have gotten 70 -75 marks if my karangan B had not been off topic. Aiyoh. Oh well, at least I got 35. Thank you teacher! Wake up call~~~Isaac...time to study harder. I'm not stopping until I have memorised everything there is to memorise. Just wait and see. Hmmph! Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sejarah, Peribahasa, Moral, LiE, Lit. Comp, and more. I'll conquer them. Now to start with the most basic element. Relaxation. Blogging. Hahahaha.... I have to rearrange my priorities. God help me and give me the discipline and wisdom I badly need. First thing to cut down on will be computer time. I'm spending at least 2 hours a day nowadays. This is BAD. So, I'm stopping here. XD

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