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6:15 PM

Fine..I'm tagged.

Etched by Isaac

Tagged first by Eric, then by Jia Sen. o.O...hahahaha
Fine...I'll do the tag. I go :

6 things I'm passionate about:

  • God
  • Playing the piano
  • Studying (o.O)
  • Reading books
  • Making each day a better day then before
  • Toying with PCs..hahaha
6 things I say too often:
  • Erm...
  • "sweat"
  • Huh?
  • Hmmm....
  • "Oi!" (learnt frm Kee An)
  • Good morning ...(teacher/visitor/student/prefect/....)
6 books I've read recently:
  • Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie
  • I Dared to call Him Father
  • Holes
  • Konserto Terakhir
  • The Bible (still haven't finished...)
  • God Chasers
6 songs I could listen to over & over again:
  • Fame
  • Sorry seems to be the hardest word
  • Candle in the wind
  • River of Dreams
  • The prayer
  • Everliving God
6 things I learnt for the past year:
  • How to dance (Merdeka dance..hahaha)
  • How to use Friendster
  • How to play songs from chords
  • To never ever underestimate people...
  • Enjoy my school life - it's SHORT
  • Not to go against authority.
6 people to tag:
  1. Kee An
  2. Matthew Cho
  3. Jason Chua
  4. Jason Koh
  5. Janice
  6. Wen Chean
Muahahaha...I was one of the only two people to finish the Chemistry homework given by Pn. Chan..hahahaha (the other was Dennis =D). I guess it was worth the effort after all..I woke up early yesterday to finish it...and worked nonstop before and after church. After that, at 10.40pm, my hand felt like it was ready to fall into a thousand pieces...somewhat like how it felt after I recopied my whole moral kerja kursus. ~~~~Phew~~~~It's DONE!!!!.
Chemistry - 42 pages of handwriting in...about 11 hours of nonstop writing.

Today was a day of no homework as teachers came in to give out results. Yay~~~I didn't fail my sejarah..hahahhaa, or my BM. I kinda screwed up the Rukun Negara today..sorry about that..aww...and Pn. Lim corrected one of my announcements.
"...adalah diwajibkan."
Pn. Lim : "Isaac, diwajibkan ialah kata kerja atau kata adjektif atau kata nama?"
Me : "Diwajibkan...ialah ....kata kerja, cikgu."
Pn. Lim : "Jadi, 'kehadiran adalah diwajibkan' betul atau salah?"
Me : "Er...salah, cikgu."

Thank God for wonderful teachers. =) I'll remember that the next time I make announcements.
Happy 1st Day of school!!
I want to say thank you to Janice for the nice gift she got me, together with the creative card. Thanks Janice!! You're sweet!! =D
Happy 6-day school week, too - Saturday classes are on to replace the Hari Raya Puasa holidays in advance...oh problem, yeah.
Today I killed an organism. Not living though, it was a virus. What virus??..."dllhost.exe", residing in the C:\ Windows folder. My dad taught me how to delete it:

1. Reboot PC into safe mode.
2. Run "autoruns.exe"(downloaded from microsoft's
3. Stop the "dllhost.exe" service that doesn't have an icon.
4. Delete the "dllhost.exe"file from the C:\Windows folder.
5. Reboot PC and it's ready to go!~~~

Small files can wreak havoc on your PC. They can turn your PC into a bot. That particular dllhost.exe was trying to access an IP located in CHINA. CHINA - home to millions of infected PCs. Lucky I have AVG to help me..hahaha - it notified me that the dllhost was trying to get out onto the Net.

I wonder who actually reads my blog because...the counter goes up by about 70-90 hits a day. That's scary....
Who is reading my blog???...Please leave some indication of your the Chat Box at the top right of the screen. Thank you. ...Perhaps it's just a few people who like to hit the 'refresh' button though...LoL...

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