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9:32 PM

Genie in a Bottle

Etched by Isaac

If I could find a genie in a bottle (yes, like in Aladdin) - it's wishful thinking I know -
I suppose he would grant me 3 wishes.
Well, what would I wish for?
Let's see...

Wish # 1 : To go to Chinese primary school in my past, instead of a Malay school, so now I would know how to speak Mandarin. I don't like being a 'banana'. It's pure torture when all your friends know how to speak the language and you don't.
Wish # 2 : To be able to play the piano like Elton John. He's AWESOME. I want to be able to play by hearing. Perfect pitch? Perhaps.
Wish # 3 : To go back in time. To the beginning of the holidays. If cannot, then to last Friday - 6 days ago. If also cannot, then at least to last Monday-3 days ago. If really not possible, then to Tuesday morning. Or midnight/Wednesday early morning.

Wishes don't come true.
Or at least they don't in real life.
In dreams they do.
I think.

~~back to present reality~~

Yesterday's Herb Garden cleanup was quite a success. The new layout is slightly different and offers a neater look. There are hanging plants now. Thanks to the 4 people who turned up : Wai Xhen, Loong Sang, Kin Leong and Xian Lum. Biggest thanks to Loong Sang who showed up even earlier than me - he came at 7.05 and I came at 7.15. Thanks to Xian Lum for offering the use of his camera to take pictures. Thanks to Kin Leong for coming even though he had tuition after that. Thanks to Wai Xhen for all the planning he did with me. Thanks to the lab assistants for providing wire and scissors - the hanging plants would be impossible without that. Thanks to my father who woke up early to send me there.

Today was quite a good day. Yeah. I managed to do most of the work I wanted to do. Yeah.
Minutes done. 11pm. I played the piano. Looked up new songs in YouTube. This song is nice.

The score has 3 staves. I have 2 hands. How??... my teacher says it's possible. Duh....
I need another year to play like the guy in the video. It's nice that he has a grand piano to practice on, I don't.

The touch of the grand piano is so nice....
compared to my piano..
The grand piano has a pedal that can 'hold' a note for as long as you want (by pressing the pedal after you hit the note)
My piano doesn't.

Nevermind about my piano.

I have to be in school at 8 tomorrow for class. Need to sleep.

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