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5:24 PM

Great day so far..hahaha

Etched by Isaac

WooHoo!!....I finally managed to find a player that can play the DCI 2007 .avi file!!..Yeah!!!

..after about 5 days of downloading the torrent, I finally discovered that it finished downloading today, when I got back from school (about 2 hours ago) . Thanks to my dad (who left it to download overnight without me knowing, it's finally FINISHED!!. I don't normally leave the PC on overnight..but..haha...nevermind.

After trying to open the file (an .avi file) with Windows Media Player, then Quicktime, then DivX, all unsuccessfully, I tried all means to find a codec, or converter, or player that could actually open the file. WMP gave me a "failed to download codec" message. Quicktime said "Error -2048: Couldn't open the file.... because it is not a file that Quicktime understands." .LoL...I thought that Quicktime was supposed to be a kind of "universal movie player" or something...hahaha.looks like it isn't. DivX, on the other hand, told me that it couldn't open the movie because Quicktime was not installed on my system. LoL again.

Lousy players. I turned to the Internet and searched for a solid 1 hour. I downloaded Media Player use....I upgraded my Media Player to Version 11...also useless...but it's nice (graphically..haha). I tried free converting software...but they couldn't open the file. I finally found a player - KMP..go find out what it stands for yourself..hehee....and it worked!. The funny thing is that, before that, I tried opening the file with my Applian FLV Player. I could open the movie, but only hear the sound. Better than nothing, so I listened to it while finding the new player..hahaha..

I had the funniest EST class of my life today. Thanks to Mrs Yap who made it so funny..hahahhaha. My classmates like to waste paper...or so it seems. There were people who used half a page, then left the rest blank, then used another half page (on another sheet of paper). There were people who used a full page, then left a page blank and used another paper to write a paragraph. There was one who said that mosquitoes cause AIDS. We laughed for 15 seconds..hahahahhaha!! I like Alice in Wonderland...and Peter and Jane...because that's what we are doing for NILAM..loL...Peter and Jane - with 178 pages..LoL.

Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. =D

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