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6:17 PM

spent 30 minutes tweaking this counter

Etched by Isaac

...if you have noticed, there is a countdown counter down there on the right. LoL.

SPM 2008!!!...
I googled that and got the dates, looked for a free counter, and created my own countdown counter.
I hope it will remind me how LITTLE time I have left to study. To perfect all my subjects. I'm especially disappointed with my Chemistry, EST and Sejarah (based on exam results so far). Hmmph. ...Shows how little I've been studying. Arrgh. Waste some more time blogging. Arrghh..

School is on this Saturday. Hmm...nice...or maybe not so nice. Have to wake up early again. Which brings to mind yesterday's close encounter with being LATE for duty. I actuallly woke up at 6.30 am and somehow managed to make it to school before 7.05. Lol....I normally leave home at 6.30 itself. Overslept on that day, however. I must sleep EARLIER!!!. The nights have been getting later and later...I'm becoming a nocturnal creature. Oh no!....nonono...must prevent that from happening..nip the problem in the bud. Hahaha..

Going off get away from the PC. It's become somewhat of an addiction. I must get addicted to playing the piano instead..I plan to take my diploma exam next year. Not much time to prepare...with SPM preparations hogging my time. I like my new Add Maths teacher - Pn. Khaw...even though she's So FAST!! ~~but still can't beat Mrs. Chen - she's the record holder for SPEED. I still remember the times in Form 3 when Mrs. Chen taught my class (3E) Mathematics.
~~she comes in after waiting 8 minutes for the bell to ring~~

Monitor(Soo) : Class stand!!
Mrs. Chen : Sit down!! DON'T WASTE TIME!! Take out your books! Page...56. Chapter 5 - Indices.
Monitor : Good morning Pn. Chen!
Mrs. Chen : Sit down lah!!
Monitor : Class sit!

LoL....I think that we all will remember her for life..haha..the way she carried her bag her high heels..the sound she made when going around (never ever seen without carrying at least 1 bag and her handbag. Afraid that people would steal her students' books, she would keep them in her car. Her Classic Mercedes Benz - that would roar up the school driveway everyday.
Dear, Mrs. Chen, we will always miss you. -She even tried to cancel her retirement ceremony, but consented in the end. She was always hardworking and helped her students. To answer a question, she would end up filling up the whole whiteboard with workings and solutions. I believe that she can solve ANY MATHEMATICS QUESTION!!!. She even memorised the square roots of 2, 3, 5 and many more!. I think maybe she has the whole log table at her fingertips!

If I want to improve my maths, I just need to compare myself with Mrs. Chen (we all call her Pn. Chen, but she's actually Mrs. Chen). What a great teacher.

I'm getting back to work now. (As if I actually started work at all..~~loL...)
First week of school is ending. ^^ more to come.~~~~

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