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2:22 PM


Etched by Isaac

I'm sweating profusely as I type this I WAS sweating profusely. Profusely. Means. A LOT! ...I've learnt my lesson. Never ever attempt to finish a whole large bowl of chicken curry all by yourself. No matter how much the curry appeals to your taste buds, do not even think about it. (note...this only applies to people like me who can't stand the spicyness...) I had roti canai for lunch today by the way...and I decided to try the chicken curry, for the first time. Silly me...soon started sweating like I just ran 5 km or something...had to stop to catch my breath. My nose started to run and my eyes got all watery. My mouth felt like it was on fire. CALL the Fire Brigade!~lol..

I read somewhere that a certain chemical found in milk helps combat the spicy sensation. I headed to the kitchen and made myself a cup of milk, much to the surprise of my mum and bro. From milk powder (Yes, I actually drink the stuff. =P) I drank the white liquid. It actually helped. A bit. After that, my mouth burned again. Oh well. I finished the whole bowl (almost) of the curry. My mum tells me not to drink curry. My friends were shocked when they saw me drinking curry at the class party last year ( I think). I don't know why I like curry. Maybe it's addiction.

One week of school has passes. Time flies. Soon it'll be SPM. Yea~~...I failed BM. LoL. School tomorrow. Have to finish work. Starting now.

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Ja[S]on said...

hey... dun keep mention about SPM... scary leh...lolx...
by the way... if milk cant help, u can try cucumber too... lolx...