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3:17 PM

What a day~~

Etched by Isaac

Today was the ''BEST'' day since school started....

...let's start after me leaving the house. Walking to the car, I stepped in some crevice on the road and nearly sprained my ankle. As I reached for the car door handle, I remembered that today is SATURDAY. Means that there's no sign in list for the prefects....couldn't do anything...too late...I forgot to prepare the list. Neglected my duty as the secretary to ensure the smooth running of the admin part of the Board. =(...

Reached school. I saw Janice walking around outside the office..that surprised me...showed me how late I was...nevermind. Entered the Prefects' Room. Put down bag. Turned off light. Went to office to find Pn.Gan..not there (mesyuarat). Can't get her to go through the minutes then. Zoom...assembly came and went...without any announcements whatsoever...only Mr. Ramesh said something. Went back to the Prefects' Room to take my bag. Reached class. Selamat pagi, Pn. Lim. As I sat down, Mun Fei and Nigel told me not to be shocked. My exam paper was on the table. BM 1 - Bahagian B - 100 marks.

Mun Fei :Isaac, the whole class also got low marks.
Nigel : Yeah...don't be shocked.
Isaac : Huh?..
**I turned the paper over ** ...

Wow...I started laughing~~~laughed at myself. Best. Failed BM. Well, not really...after calculating the final mark, I got 57.7% (58%). But still.....ARRGHHHH!!!!!. 4B for BM . At the TOP of the result slip. 4B. 4B. 4B!!!!...underneath that is all 1s and maybe 2s....arrghhh..arrghh....
Can't forgive myself. My mother will sort of kill me, I think. Most probably not..because I'll have done the flogging myself before she gets to me. I remember the time I finished writing the karangan that day. I thought that...this karangan..maybe is ...terpesong. Too time to redo... and I walked out. Now see this. 35 over 100 for the long essay question. Even Pn. Lim was surprised.

Pn. Lim :Isaac, saya pun terkejut melihat Isaac salah tafsir soalan. Tetapi, lebih baik perkara ini berlaku sekarang daripada dalam SPM nanti.
Isaac : *mengangguk* Saya tahu, cikgu, tetapi....
Pn. Lim : Saya faham perasaan Isaac, pasti sangat frust.
Isaac : Ya cikgu.

Now, I will remember for life that "penganiayaan = penderaan". I was wondering whether that was true when I wrote the essay. Too bad. It's OVER. Still dazed, I just copied down the points for correction and finished the BM class.

Next : Biology class. On the way there, Pn. Phoon called me, and sent me to call the 5W monitor to see her. Ok...I went..up two floors and came down, all the while carrying about 4kg of books. Fine... then I went to the lab, and bumped into Ms. Yap - and then spent the next 8 minutes talking to her about the upcoming Maths competitions....seems that the Olympiad Matematik Kebangsaan is already over (was in April....swt) missed that... Next will be the Sunway College competition and a Chinese School- based competition (forgot the name..)

Late for Bio class for about 15 minutes. The school bell timing was haywire anyway; the first 3 periods were 35 minutes each (starting from 7.20, not 7.30 as usual), then the 4th was 30 minutes. My Bio teacher just had to continue with the syllabus, and not discuss the exam papers, and as USUAL, nobody was listening...all talking and gossiping, and chatting...and sleeping...arrgh. Meanwhile, I was going through the objective paper to find 'corrections' with proof to show the teacher and the class was just so noisy. It's already bad enough that I don't get enough sleep ....( school and holiday sleeping times are rather different) , and that gave me a headache, the class has to aggravate the situation by making NOISE! the teacher's Loud voice...I'm serioiusly thinking of bringing earplugs to school, but I don't know whether they're allowed. (nothing said in school rules...hehehe...) Bio marks aren't that good either...

Next was chemistry. We moved from lab to lab. It seems that the teachers were SUPPOSED to follow the usual times for the periods, but some didn't and that led to trouble. I kinda enjoyed the chemistry class, mostly because it's Pn. Chan's class. ^^. But then again, it reminded me that my Chem sucks. Sucks. There's so much I don't know!!!! marks aren't great either...compared to 5K' Maybe their teacher is lenient with them. I don't know. Nevermind.

Recess. Gobbling down food in less than 5 minutes. My stomach has become accustomed to such uncivilised practice - 5 years of doing that. I'll be able to save time during my lunch break next time when I'm working. (people take 30 minutes, I take 5)

I went back to class. Moral. Folio. My folio is finally done, after much blood, sweat and tears...just kidding.. (about 20 solid hours of work, I think, no, it's more than that - essay writing last year added in..maybe is 40 hours.) Pn Khaw stopped me outside class, and asked me whether I could go for the Sunway College maths competition..or quiz, not sure which. However, the date clashed with the Physics Challenge, for which I have already signed up and paid. Another problem to face - I have to see Mr. Lee and find out which is better for me to participate in... The National Science Challenge is coming up, and my whole team is not prepared at all!...oh dear..terrible.. We have to finish the whole Form 5 syllabus. Impossible..most probably.

School ended with me carrying a ladder around. Only some people know why I was doing that. It's a *shhhh*..secret. =P... I went for lunch at the canteen. Ikat perut. I'm doing that. Cutting down on expenses due to price increases. I calculated my daily expenses and multiplied that with the number of school days ; my monthly allowance is barely enough, at the rate I'm spending money. So, today I cut down on the dishes. I took the bus back. And I walked all the way in from where the bus dropped me, and nearly sprained my ankle again in the process. (I hate ruts in the ground....grr..) I saved...I think...RM4. Multiply by 20 schooldays a month =RM 80. More than half my monthly allowance. I'll get to save. The canteen mixed rice aunty was rather disappointed chicken chop?.

20 minutes at the LRT station and 15 minutes in the LRT just observing people and thinking strange thoughts is rather weird. I observed many people today. Their posture, behaviour, actions, and whatever I could see. This made me think : "Is this what an LRT journey will be like after I leave school?.."

2 hours later, I'm sitting down here blogging. Emptying my feelings into a cyber diary. Dear Diary. How's life?. Well, Life's like that.

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