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8:16 PM

yeah. holidays left 6 days

Etched by Isaac

Right. So the holidays are diminishing FAST.

Yesterday's Narnia movie was simply GREAT!

it's been a long time since i actually went to watch a movie in a real cinema and yesterday my church practically booked the whole hall - 118 seats, so we were all by ourselves.
...if anyone hasn't watched the NARNIA movie yet, i highly recommend it. =D
- 2 hours 15 minutes -
worth the time spent.
Good English - British English i think ^^

Pavilion Food Court.
Super packed
Super high class
I paid RM 7.50 (minus tax) for Claypot Chicken rice with Salted Fish
I had to ask an aunty at a table to share the table with me and my brother. (first time doing this, naturally i felt very shy...hahahaha...she was waiting there for her husband and daughter and the table could sit 6 , so we sat there and had our lunch together.)

I have realised one thing. No matter where you eat, the claypot chicken rice is just bound to be burnt. That's Certain...and you want to scrape off the rice so that you don't waste your money..and end up eating soot. Aihh...


I went jogging today. o.O Isaac jogs??..really??...hahaha..not really...sometimes...when i feel like it..
long time since i went jogging, so i'll be hurting all over for the next few days. Ouch. (preparing myself mentally first..hehehehe)

after that i went for LiE class. Guess who i met at the LRT Station?. Peramathevan and his two brothers. I was really surprised to see him there as the last news i had of him was that he was in Kelantan. Suddenly i see him there - nice surprise- we chatted all the way to Hang Tuah. Nigel met us in the train - we were both almost late for the class - practically ran all the way to school. As we reached the school, Mrs. Ramani entered the class, so we were ON TIME. (means LATE)..whatever...

Poor Kok Wai had to sit outside class today. ..because he didn't wear his school uniform shirt - he wore a school T Shirt. Poor Kok Wai. He sat outside the class and looked in through the window.
I'm not sure why, but during EVERY LiE class,. it is just SURE to RAIN. Not just rain, but RAIN CATS AND DOGS. .Mrs Ramani realised that and said "It's like God is crying for your (students') suffering)" Lol.

I sat in the class after Mrs Ramani left so I could do my work. It was raining too heavily to go back i just sat down there. However, I ended up chatting...hahahhaa.
This Friday, we plan to go for a movie. What movie?. Kung Fu Panda. I saw the trailer yesterday and it was SOOOO Funny. Imagine a FAT panda fighting a skinny snake and get tripped up. Or visualise the same panda using a pair of chopsticks to battle the Master (a rat) for a small pau. Just as the panda is about to chomp down on the pau, the rat leaps up and grabs the pau out of the panda's teeth. ~~~~maybe that's not funny, but i couldn't help laughing when i saw that~~~~~~hahaha!

Hmm..i wonder how it's going to work out. See, Afiq is bringing one group to the Pavilion to watch the movie...and I'm like leading another group to Times Square...I think we should just join up because a bigger group means more FUN!.see how..see how..see how..

Thanks to Dennis for the nice songs and videos he gave me..=D Hillsong. Listening now. Nodding head to drum beat. Relaxing. Relaxing before I continue my work. Today i spent too much time on the computer. Not online, but transfering files and documents and all the DATA from one hard drive to another using another hard drive and 2 other pen drives..hahaha

4 GB USB Drive going for RM 57. The price has REALLY DROPPED. In fact it has Halved. It has been like that each time another newer version comes out. The next time , it will be 8GB for RM 60 ...hahaha.

Got to go more work. Argh. Tomorrow I'll be in school. Cleaning up the Herb Garden.
Please. Do. Not. Rain. I'll pray hard tonight about that. =)

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