The Sky never was the Limit...with God

Ramblings and reflections of one growing in stature and wisdom and in his walk with God :) I got more than 1 picture.. thanks Matthew! plans to stay from 7 till 7 failed.
Yea...good anyway..
I came back..
bathed.. papers until dinner....=.=
2 hours to read 3 day's worth of newspapers...


Family Day.

It was rather messy in the beginning...with people running around with busy expressions on their faces.
Anthony asked me..

"Has the event started yet??"

I answered..

"I think should have.."

I think I walked more than 10 km today....

The day started sluggishly then as time went on, things started to get good.

I was basically a moving promoter for my class stall. I carried and distributed flyers... to whosoever that seemed like a possible customer.

hahahahaha~~~ I left some on other stalls...and some in the canteen...and some in the chess tournament hall...even one in the office....XD

Surprisingly, not many of those flyers ended up as trash on the floor.. Good~~~~

Aaahh....I don't know how to organise my thoughts/memories of the day to write a comprehensible post.......

Try again..

I reached school at 7...05 (eating loh mai kai in car...)., then I sent a box of agar-agar to my class stall.
Next stop : Staffroom - to hand up my Bio Peka assignment (that I stayed up to finish last night)

I went back down to discover that my class stall had been moved to the school field. Good! More customers...more strategic place..etc.



We Sell the Most Finger-Lickin Balls in Town

Deprived of BALLS?? Come to our stall!!

Place of Unpredicted Tastes

The Ball Sings:
One Ball = Ball-an-sing
Two Balls = Interesting (sorry nigel ...I forgot..)
Three Balls = Amazing
Four Balls = Mesmerising!!

Our Balls Taste Fantabulous!!
Just ask Soo Yew Sing!! (all asked me who Soo Yew Sing was...swt...)

and more wacky slogans...(jangan salah paham ya....)

Our stall

Balls in a kuali


The chef - Afiq.

BECAUSE my class stall was moved, I took on the troublesome task of cancelling off the "Courtyard" location description on the flyers...about 250++ flyers...

~~~walk here~~~
~~~walk there~~~
~~~see people~~~
~~~push a flyer into their hands~~~
~~~smile and walk off quickly~~~ XP

and repeat 200++ times...from 7 am till 2 pm.

Along the way, I bought food...Yay~~`4 herbal eggs from mum scolded me when she found out *oops*
Sotong balls are really nice to eat...(and good to promote the stall, too...)
I liked the blended ice drink (U6W)

I was basically eating from 7 till 11.30am , then I stopped so I could eat a proper lunch.

Lunch was....

Vegetarian Cha Siu Rice - U6K - from canteen to field

ooooo......quite ok ...but a bit funny, nevermind, first time to try. I sat with Yee Seng. And wondered how he could survive without eating meat.....*salutes Yee Seng*

All the while, I was running back and forth from the field to the school hall. The chess tournament was VERY messy in the beginning. They started really LATE. And....I'm not sure what happened, but then they ended early (that's why I could go back early^^)

10 KM ----maybe more --- good... ----can lose weight ---

I dropped into the office and weighed myself 3 times today ....each time my weight decreased ...XD - sweat loss results in less body fluid and thus reduces weight. - (scientific and lame explanation~~~duhhh)

Today I got 2 erasers. From 2 tokens.
I could have gotten it easily (from Hwang Hsien's "Blow out the 10 candles" stall -U6K - sorry if the name is wrong...I can't remember it..)

aihh....too I have two low-quality erasers on my table. They look exactly like the erasers I used to buy in Primary School. (L - Luggage, V - Volcano) ^^

Today there were many old boys ...and exboys (any difference?...not sure..) and... many boys... and some girls - I saw a girl who looked really familiar...aiyoh... my own church NexGen member and I couldn't recognise her...aiyoh...and she could recognise me...aiyoh.

I think today I kinda supplied Janice with food and drink...and ice cream ...and..hahahaa.. quite a lot of stuff.... She was kinda surprised too.. ^^. - She's busy handling a customer, then her stallmate pushes something into her hands..."from Isaac"...kinda distracting, I guess... Lol..sorry Jan...
She's special in the sense that she's not in U6K but she helped out the whole day...(and in preparation too..) for their stall.She's also special in the sense that she's special to me..=P..
U6K stall was arguably the BEST stall today - with all manner of games... and electronic devices (I almost bought a RM 8 wireless optical mouse....)...*unknown brand...*

I'll remember Laser Strike....Wow..the guys playing...running around shooting each other (silently)...and all of us laughing...

(lots of that today)
5 Clancy stall people- WE sang the SCHOOL SONG - at the top of our lungs.... after the music started and stopped ...hahahahaha!! With everyone watching... that was great~~
before that, the whole day we were yelling :



( LAME idea from Eng Hoe ) -XD

Group Photo
..with our class teacher- Cik Norizan ^^

Ooo... syok betul...

Our balls sold pretty fast (as soon as we got POPULAR..)
Balls : Crab, Cuttlefish, Chicken, Fish.
Sausages : Big , Small.
Agar-agar: RM1
Cornflake cupcakes...unsure price..
Sauce: Tomato/chilli + mayonnaise
Taste : GREAT!!

(I sound pretty SYOK sendiri here....)

The day ended with me helping the St. Johns. to sweep the terrace and field...until my mum asked me to go back.

I only have 1 picture to show for today...and that's with Janice.. oooohh....hahahahaha~~thanks Janice!! =D

hmm..I don't have it now actually yet...argh..I want a camera!!...( soon ....patience is a virtue)

Ok. I got it. XD

In short, Family Day was GREAT!!

Next event : finish all homework this weekend!!

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