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6:32 PM

I feel like...

Etched by Isaac

AND look like...

I just came out from a MILITARY CAMP.


I didn't exactly go to a military camp, though.

I feel like I've just been released from a military camp because...
I'm aching all over:

  • Legs hurt - all leg muscles...
  • Arms hurt
  • Stomach hurts
  • Sides hurt
  • Back muscles hurt
Cross country la...don't know why I pushed myself so hard. Was it just to show that I can do better than most not only academically but also in physically exertive activities?. LoL .
Or..was it because I really wanted to win something after running the same course for 5 years? Self fulfillment perhaps?
Or..was it for some other reason? Some secret motivation? Hehe. Something? Somebody? I still don't know. =/

However, I LOOK like I've been through a military camp


even army generals don't have hair as short as mine.
My haircut is..well...short.( To use only one word)

It has been described as

Helipad (myself)

Golf turf - the artificial astroturf...(
my mum)

Crew cut
(most people)

Superbly "LONG"
(Chee Fong)

There are pros and cons to having such short hair.
Of course, I can save on shampoo, which leads to saving water, which leads to saving time and $$. (water bill goes down)

I also need not blow dry my hair. I can just wipe it ONCE with a dry towel and Voila! It's dry. Leave the rest to evaporation.


My hair is styleless.
Cannot be styled.
Is too short.
Feel a bit cold.
Look like a small boy.
(Ah boy boy)
Also..look like a nerd. (Am I one????)

Enough about hair and body aches..

University of New South Wales International Competitions and Assessments for Schools- Mathematics is taking place tomorrow.

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