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8:35 PM

I went....for a camp...

Etched by Isaac

...and now I'm dead tired. Why am I blogging then??...

I think it's so I can put something down before I forget everything. Haha.

I don't like writing LONG essays ..but sometimes I have to. Like in BM and English. Accidentally.. I still can't write an essay in English that's shorter than 300 words. Maximum?..not yet reached. ...currently..hmm..3000 words..I think.


Day 1.

-School- --..not really concentrating in class (lack of sleep + worry about camp= BLUR..)
-finish school..haha...
-Band Practice
After that, I bathed -at YC toilet-, had lunch (5 minutes to gobble down a plate of rice - with Dennis in front of me and me partly ignoring him..sorry Dennis! )

_________fast forward_________

Pictures upon arrival..

Upon reaching camp (after arriving at the wrong camp..) ., we were split into 10 groups (group members' list done by the secretary and captain in the bus on the way there) and then assigned to dorms.

what a cute monkey..pity a bit's chained up. *sob*
Next activity: Team building games...FUN...

Encik Syam..

Pn. Lee

Pn. Khaw

We took photos after that..haha me...and Mun Fei..


Hwa Jiunn and Mun Fu

Hwa Jiunn and Isaac

O.o again..

First dinner...

A photo of Chei Thai taking a photo of the food below


..with chicken..

..the chicken..

Teams had to prepare their flags and also a cheer and motto..and slogan..etc..
Kai Chi's group's flag

Later, we went for a night walk. Oo..scary.....they (the instructors) made us walk..and walk..and walk.. in the dark...without talking...up...a trail...up.. a hill.


they made us sit on the floor(superbly wet and cold ground) and told us to listen to the sounds of the forest - 5 minutes- I noticed the luminous fungus on the forest floor..^^, then he (an instructor named Abang Jo/ ABeJo - BEST CRAPPER I HAVE EVER HEARD - & USES BM!!) scolded(advised? motivated?.not sure) us and told us that as leaders.. we have to have self confidence..and.....yabadedbabdebabdbea....(half asleep and can't remember...Lol...)...yanebaabebbibiababababboomm.....zaspopdadedjaskjaslkasakkkka....Sekarang kamu akan berjalan balik. Bersendirian. Saya akan menunggu 20 saat sebelum melepaskan orang seterusnya. Ada sesiapa yang mahu memulakan dahulu?.. we had to walk down alone in the dark back to the bottom of the trail.

...and all of us went down one by one..
I took my time and walked slowly (scared of falling over...) ..The boy behind me overtook me..and after that, Janice almost did the same (I was REAALLy slow) However, I didn't realise that the teachers and assistant instructors were actually waiting around at different parts of the trail, scaring the campers as they walked past. I saw a person behind me..and later someone making noise..and someone at the side, but I just kept on walking, never turning back or hesitating. Look at the sky and hope not to trip over something..hahaha~~

First my dorm. xD

fast forward day...morning..after 3 hours of sleep and waking up freezing even though we (Mun Fei, Chei Thai, Tze Jiet, Jack Kee and I) didn't have a fan in our dorm.....morning exercise- teamed with Janice..happy..hahahha..she's really strong..can carry me worr.......then..breakfast..then...expedition to..

Air Terjun Pisang. =D

That was about 2 hours (or more..not sure) or hiking ...through the jungle...over hills...across the water...

from the campsite the trail....water..

more water

yet more watertwo of our instructors..
more H2O

The tunnel

Chei Thai


After the tunnel..

Yee Seng

Next time, I'm not wearing cargo pants for hiking. They're EXTREMELY heavy when WET. My shoes are now in the garbage dump. - the water currents almost tore off the soles ....anyway, they're pretty old..time to buy new shoes! =D


The tiring hike was rewarded by...
not the waterfall..but a survival lecture followed by an hour of fruitlessly trying to light a fire to cook rice, a potato and fish. *sighs*
Fire just doesn't burn ..except for Yee Seng's group - group 7. (they used a candle to start it...=P)
After that - with empty stomachs, came another hour of hiking..


a person rappelling?..down the waterfall


...wah...the waterfall ..a lot of playing..splashing people ..and getting splashed...shivering..then..
*I stood underneath and let the cold, refreshing, icy water beat down on my back.*
Numbness ensued...and ..the wonderful sensation ..of.. *cannot feel anything*..hahhaa...all wet after that.

Back to camp (3 hours of walking up and down/hiking + going through all the river/stream/water/rocks/hills..)

out of the tunnel..

Mun Fei .^^

Lunch was waiting for us back at camp. FOOD!! =)

..unfinished that Yee Seng??..

--Skip skip skip--

Malam Kreativiti.

Various performances..

Most interesting performance of the night (with exception of Teh)

My group. Argh. I. Argh. Crapped. Argh. Too. Long.!. Only those who heard me will be able to tell you what I crapped about. Argh. Crap. I kinda ruined a group performance. Crap.
Tong Lai can dance..O.o..only now I know that..hahaa
Best performer = Kai Chi.


*holds up hand like holding cup* Teh O.
*holds up other hand like holding cup* Susu.
*pours susu into teh* Teh
*pours teh into another cup* Teh tarik.
*holds up hand* Ais.
*adds ais into teh susu* Teh ais.
*holds up other hand* Limau.
*adds limau into teh ais* Teh ais limau.
*takes out* Limau *throws it away*
*takes out *Ais*throws it away*
Teh panas.
*throws away teh panas* Teh Kosong
*drinks teh kosong* Habis.

Wahhh.....we all laughed..the whole way.
(sorry Kai Chi if I got it wrong..haha...copyrighted..hahaha...)

*Poor Mun Fei didn't feel too good, so he stayed in the dorm and rested.*

then....finish...sleep...this time knocked out like a light...tze jiet's mattress was soaked with water from who-knows-where- , so 5 of us squeezed in on 3 mattresses...(nothing wrong..haha) *come closer Jack Kee..hahahaha....=.= ....breakfast - with the ultra sweet tea again...morning exercise..

Pandu Arah - Compass Orienteering.

Group 9 finished in the fastest time!!!..hahahaha...second last to leave and first to get back!! =D Congrats Group 9 members!! =D (including me..hahaha...)
Basically, the ten groups had to create a series of checkpoints and hide the clues within a 2m radius of the checkpoint. The catch. One group creates the clues and checkpoints for another group. *evil laugh*. I gave the clue : Cordyline Fruiticosa sp
It's a plant scientific name, of course.. you know..the red and green -leaved plant that you can see in school...haha...but Group 2 members didn't know that..haha...*sorry Addison!!* .
*evil laugh* Let them find like mad..cannot find..hahaha...our clues..all wel hidden...under socks...behind trees...between tires..hahaha.

after orienteering..

the view..

The last activity...was...volleybottle.
Is...volleyball played using a plastic bottle filled with water as the ball and 5 teams of two campers holding a towel to catch the bottle in each group. Hmm..weird..
It was really FUN . And I enjoyed myself (unexpectedly..)

random pics..

Kai Chi. =D

Yea...Janice, Kai Chi and Yee Seng got the best 3 campers' awards (ascending in that order) Congrats!! :-D.

whiteboard take #1
Mr. Instructor-whose name I have forgotten..- succcessor to En Syam-

teachers + instructors

En. Syam

Yee Seng giving opinion about camp

Janice's turn..

Group representative - CCH

LKW - Group 10 representative

LKC - Group 4 - winners

Janice - 3rd Best Camper =)

Kai Chi - 2nd Best Camper =D

Yee Seng -Best Camper - XD

Pn. Khaw receiving certificates. hehe.
Group 4

...zoom...finished camp...packed up/ate on bus...went back...reached school....walked down to Petaling Street aimlessly...then ran back up in case my mother was enough sleep..cannot think straight...cannot take the talking around I the hot sun...swt....argh. stop. reached home...then unpacked/bathed/ate biscuits for tea/turned on PC. =D. Now.
Pictures before leaving

the poor monkey..looks so sad..

Benny + Kitty

Pei Yong and Hwa Jiunn

Kai Chi, Andrew, Pei Yong and Hwa Jiunn

Janice and Wei Keat

Janice and Chei Thai

Yee Seng and Pei Yong

Bernard and Pei Yong
Pictures on the Bus

Wai Xhen

Notice me standing..

Yee Seng and Bernard

Perama and Daniel


Kai Chi and Tee Ken



mores sleepyheads...



getting off the bus..

both without specs..

Some people say that I look better without it true?? Comparison using photos once I get them from Chei Thai/Bernard. Hehe.

with specs

without specs

In this camp, I learnt to...

- eat using hands(like Malays.
- try to work in a team with people I don't know.
- talk more Malay.
- bathe in yellow (barley-like colour) water.
- wear track bottoms -I don't usually wear them...
- drink tea (very sweet, though)
- play around with friends. =)
- crap more...=.=
- and much more.

Enough essay-writing. I don't want to blog about relationships..they muddle my mind..which is currently unstable due to certain events in the camp and before the camp. Yea, I'm the emcee tomorrow. Argh. Good luck, Anthony in your debate competition!! I hope I don't mess up the Rukun Negara and mix it up with some crap..argh. argh. argh. Maka it?..or..Kami...argh.
I want pictures!! (of camp) ...hehe...this week I'll be chasing people for them. Hehe. =D

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