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8:19 AM

Last Night.

Etched by Isaac

Every night, before I go to sleep (in bed), I say a prayer. A silent prayer in my heart. I thank God for the day that has passed. I pray for the next day. And this is roughly what I prayed last night:

O Father, I thank you for today. I thank you for a great day, a day of work and study. I thank you for giving me the discipline and the strength to keep on and to not give up. Thank you, Father for safety and journey mercy today, for protecting the family.

Thank you for blessing the family and keeping us safe and sound, happy and healthy. Father, I'm sorry for the bad things I've done lately. I pray that you'll forgive me and help me to never do them again. I repent of my sins.

Father, I pray that you'll bless the family, oh so much, and that you will enlarge our territories, and that your hand will be with us and that you will keep us from evil. I commit tomorrow into your hands. Give us a good night's rest and help us to go to sleep.

I pray that everything will go well tomorrow. I pray for good weather tomorrow and that you'll help me to achieve everything I have planned for tomorrow. I thank you, Father, for being such a wonderful God.

All this I ask and pray in Jesus' name. Amen.


What did I manage to accomplish yesterday??

Well, I managed to attain my goal : To work for 12 hours. Well, almost.

Hehe. I started at 10.35 am and ended at 11.05 pm. Minusing out the time spent eating/bathing, I managed to study/do homework/do work for 10 hours and 50 minutes!. Considering that I was awake only for about 14 hours yesterday, working for almost 11 hours is really GOOD.

In the morning, I promised myself not to touch the computer until the 12 hours were up. So I tried and I managed to not even think of the computer.(Not bad for a computer addict).

Come 11.05 pm. I turned on the PC... to find that the internet doesn't work. Tough luck. Argh. So sad... so..haha...I went to sleep ...promising myself that I would go online the next morning. Hehe. I'm on now...for awhile...before I go to church.

Come to think of it, I haven't congratulated the prefects who got Best: etc... and of course, the three PROTEMs - they will take over in leading the school. =D

Hmm..actually during the AGM, I was typing out almost all of the dialogue between the nominees and the interviewers (all prefects & probationary prefects). Typing 3306 words in about 1.5 hours is not easy. Good thing I have above- average typing speed. Heheh..thanks to MSN and Friendster. Swivelling your body to type gives you backache, too.'s what I typed for the announcement time of the BEST:..


.Male Prefect of the Year 07/08……………………*drum roll..


..Daniel Wong Zi Xiang!

I can honestly tell you that I became a real prefect in Form 5. I was a really quiet person in form 3, & Form 4..

. Female Prefect of the Year 07/08


= …*fdrum roll…bangs table..

= *laugh.

Chua Pei Yong

*jangan merosakkan harta benda sekolah…lol..

Best >. Committee

= F=Ma

Fines Committee!

*tomato face..RED

Best.. Headcomm

= …??..

= 2





= 1. Wong Mun Fei

* I would like to thank all those who have helped me…have given me support throughout the whole year. Happy retirement..=D =D

=2. Matthew Samuel Cho Qwang-Ming

*huh?No more Dc// Don’t spoil my DC list.

Best Improvement Prefect.

== Kim Mun Fu


*that means my Form 4 not good lo..

Come to the moment of truth.(PROTEMS.)


· Benny Tham Chew Hol – President

· Teong Kim Yoong –

· Lim Kar Wee -

I would like to wish the three PROTEMs all the best in spearheading the Prefectorial Board MBSSKL for the coming year. I know you three can do it!! GAMBATEH!!

I won't really blog about the AGM, because *sniff* ...*sob*'s my LAST AGM.. so sad..
I can only say that I have really learnt a lot throughout my stay in the Prefectorial Board (5 years) and that it has changed me for the better.

I used to be the type of person that would rather do something by himself rather than do something with somebody else. Think introvert. I would be the only person not talking most of the time. That was me in Form 1-3. With Form 4 came a small revolution and Form 5 brought total change. Most of it is owing to my experience in the Prefectorial Board.

Now I am not afraid to speak in assembly.

Now I can stand tall, confident , and not look down.

Now I know the meaning of responsibility.

Now I have learnt to work with people.

Now I know the meaning of this word : Love.

Now...I wish that I could spend more time in the Board.'s too late, and I can only sit by the sidelines watching and supporting as the team pushes on in the tug of war between the prefects and the students.

Now...I have to go for breakfast and then to church. Bye!!

Group photos taken with Tong Lai's camera

Kuan Lim, Jack Kee, GuoBin and Jenitha

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