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7:10 PM


Etched by Isaac

Two weeks ago, I went to watch a play.
A musical play.
It was the....

Beauty and the Beast

Yes...I watched that play. It was just totally, superbly, extremely, all-the-way....Wonderful.
The two and a half hours spent there just flew away....

However, I have some memories that I will never forget that day..

memories of..

Me sitting outside the Plenary Hall , with a glass wall behind me, overlooking the carpark, doing ..guess what?...Add Maths I could hand it up the next day. Good thing my mother was there to help me out.
Wah. I still remember how the people walking by stared.

As if they were thinking to themselves :

What in the world is that guy doing? It looks like some work. Hmm..he's writing numbers. Hmm...Ooo... Maths..Ah...Form 5 , I see. Then, why is he here? Shouldn't he be preparing himself to watch the show?

I was sitting near a speaker and the music carried me away (while still solving trigonometric functions..=P )

I found out later that underneath the stage, there was a live orchestra (well, a small one...a segmented, comparted one) with a conductor. They provided the music for the actors. And the actors, I really admire them. They sang nonstop almost throughout the play. Acting was topnotch - Overseas actors, not local...hahaha.

Price? RM 250 per ticket. My family had 4 tickets. Equals RM 1000. Guess what? We went for free. No doubt about that. No way my parents would fork out 1K just to see a show. Actually, one of my mother's student's mothers..(tongue twister..) gave my mom the tickets. She went like

How many people in your family?


Wait ar..ok. Here.
*gives my mom four tickets in a casing*

I couldn't believe my ears when my mom came home that night.

We're going to watch the Beauty and the Beast.

What???? (me..hahaha)

Tickets!! =D

I was so happy that I would get to see the play as my class had initially been planning to go (sponsored by the school..but it didn't work out..)

After the play, I felt that if I had to pay the RM 250 myself , it would have been worth every single buck. -Highly recommended - if possible -in the future - wonderful - DISNEY- =)

Fast forward to yesterday.

National Science Challenge 2008 -
Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy

Mr Thong took Hwa Jiunn , Afiq and I to SMK TTDI where we sat for the one-hour paper. Objective.

Once we walked into the hall, and registered, and sat down, we almost laughed our heads off. Why?? Hahahaha.
Everyone there was actually studying..O.O..
There were some reading SPM revision books...some browsing through encyclopedias, some flipping through self-made notes..
I took out my file and started reading An Inspector Call. LoL..(reading out loud)
After that, it was Just English and then...past year papers. *sigh*
We even read the newspapers...haha..comics..hahahahha...(InTech comics - Dilbert)
A briefing ensued. We were told how to fill in the OMR forms..
It is now 5 minutes to 10. You will end at 5 minutes to 11. You may start now.

Not too bad...some know..some don't know...most questions were from the syllabus..unexpectedly..haha...
I started from the back. Q 60. Which animal has the heaviest and most complex brain in the animal kingdom?. O.O...don't know..
next...Q 59.. and so on..
Lol. After doing about 25 questions, my stomach turned circles. I got up, walked out of the hall, to the surprise of the candidates..haha... and went to the front. They understood..and I made my way to the toilet. Which stinked like...ahem..don't want to say..
Swt... the toilet ar... the only boys' toilet in school.. near the canteen.. where students smoke..
..when I went there, a gang of Malay boys said : Fuyoh..Pengawas!
..I asked them..

Eh, mana tandas??


Ada tandas lain tak?


Mana tandas guru?

Kat atas sana..

I got one of them to show me the way there.

* blocked by locked staircase.*..=.=
* next staircase..up...opposing the arrows on the steps...who cares about the dumb arrows anyway??..*

A prefect ( girl prefect) tried to stop me from going into that part of the block..
I just pushed my way past her...after asking her if the teachers' toilet was there.

* enters teachers' see a teacher. LoL. *

Er..maaf, cikgu..saya ini pelawat..nak guna tandas...

Cikgu does not reply..probably too surprised..
* I smell cigarette smoke. What the......teachers also smoke in toilet...argh.
Don't care...finished business..head back to hall..continue...lost about 8-9 minutes...

I finished the paper in time ..just in minus ten minutes less than the other participants..aih... thank God I managed to finish it.

Mr Thong took us to a mamak stall after that..and paid for us too.=D..Thank you, sir!!
The roti pisang is real nice..and so is their dhal and curry. A bit pricey, though, but very filling.
The operator wouldn't hear of me eating roti kosong..haha...he wanted to make more $.

Sorry Afiq..for underestimating you..sorry Hwa Jiunn...for the same reason...sorry Mr. Thong...for whatever I did wrong.. if we pass...we will go for a week-long camp..during the upcoming chance to study for Trials. (is that good or bad?..)

By the way...that school is one of MBSSKL's the 3K competition. It looks really nice from the outside..but the inside?.. *ahem*. LoL.

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