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My very first borrowed book!
(since I came to MBS)...

I borrowed it yesterday.
Actually, I don't borrow books from the school library mainly because the books there don't interest me. I satisfy my reading needs at the KL Library (quitenot too far away)

However, as I was doing my NILAM at the library yesterday, a book caught my eye.

It stood out because I recognised the author's name.

Jordan Sonnenblick

I stopped looking for a BM book and pulled the book out.


I brought it to my table and decided to borrow it later.

Borrowing the book proved to be a bit of a hassle - I had to wait for about 7 minutes while the librarians tried to find the person-in-charge of the borrowing counter. Come on....AGM's tomorrow (said yesterday) a bit more efficient!

I took the book back, read about 60 pages and then started my homework.
Being too busy doing other stuff, I brought it to school to read today.

Wooo...haha~~ ..I finished it and returned it during recess. The librarian was rather surprised.

Er.. you only borrowed it yesterday?



Returning the book was hassle-free. ^^

I must comment on the book. It was.... wah... NICE...GREAT...SUPERB...

Somehow, it relates to me in some issues that I find interesting.

The story is mainly about a boy whose parents are breaking have just broken up. He decides to get drunk on his father's vodka, steal his mum's car keys and go driving - to where his mom is dating another man.

Inevitably, he crashed into a neighbourhood lawn and decapacitated a lawn gnome.

dooo..daa..doo....whatever...bla bla bla... he was brought to the police station...spilt HOT coffee on the sergeant...sent to court... ..given 100 hours of community service at an old folks home.

Yea..I forgot to mention that this guy plays the guitar and has a girl friend. (not girlfriend) -Get what I mean.

His 100 hours at the home turns from torture to enjoyment and fun with the old man

The old man. He was superbly sarcastic, naughty, cranky, grumblesome, grouchy, witty and cocky. Over time, the boy formed a bond with the old man. He found out that the old man played the guitar - the old man had once played the guitar for a living.

I won't go further...with the details. In a nutshell, the old man passed away to the boy's heartbreak, the boy got his girl (well, sort of...) and the boy's parents reunited. (icky poo..- as described by the boy himself)

If you want to know more, go READ the book. Code : F JOR

My heart beat faster as I read on. The desire to keep reading, to keep turning the pages, to keep digesting the information, to just keep on munching words hungrily possessed me while I read this book. Just like the other book that led me to this book. (same author)

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

I got this book as a gift from Jia Sen. Thanks Jia Sen! I was hooked the moment I started reading it. I just couldn't put it down. Talk about the power of written words - they certainly can hold your attention - if you are a bookworm like me, that is..haha.

Sadly to say, now I don't have the time to read like I used to. *sob*
I have to read textbooks. *sob*
I have to do homework. *sob*
I have to study more. *sob*
I have to prepare for the Trials. *sob*

13 days more

minus out today... =

12 days more

minus the sleeping time, the eating time, the bathing time, the socialising with people time, the wasted time and all the time.... left...

(less than)12 days more


Argh. Only 5 days until the UNSW ICAS English. Am I prepared? How to prepare?? ...a person's language skill cannot be honed and polished to perfection within a limited time in the macrocosm of his or her universe of life which is perpetually as busy as a bee's. Argh. No amount of preparation can guarantee me good results in this competition. I have yet to win a Gold Medal for this subject - English. I feel that there is always somebody out there who manages to score just one mark more than me. Every year. Argh. Maybe this year will be the year. Maybe. And then again, maybe not.

Good luck to all who are sitting for their trial exams!!

Good luck to all who are sitting for their trial exams soon!!

Good Luck to all who are forced to take / taking the UNSW ICAS English Paper. It’s on next Tuesday, 5th August 2008

Study Hard. PRAY HARDER.


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