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Etched by Isaac

What is a teapot?

Basically, a teapot functions to hold tea and pour tea into teacups.

For those of you who have never seen a teapot, before, here's a nursery rhyme about a teapot.

A picture of a teapot and a cup

I can liken my life to that of a teapot. Not to say that I am an inanimate object, but our functions are similar. What do I mean?

Well, a teapot pours out tea. However, the teapot itself does not produce the tea. Somebody mixes the tea and pours it into the teapot. Likewise, I pour out stuff to people (help, advice, blessing, etc...) *not to praise myself though. Where does this all come from?


God Above. (though He's not only above - He's below, in front, behind, next to, beside and with you! - omnipresent)

He gives me the ability to help others and He is a neverending supply that fills me until I overflow. I just need to ask.

Teapots also break easily (I'm talking about china teapots, NOT made-in-China teapots which can be plastic .Lol)

When teapots break, they can be repaired painstakingly with blood tears, energy and time.

As a teapot, I've been broken recently. The explosion/drop/crash/conflict/collision created many holes in my side and cracked off my spout. However, I have been put together again with the help of Superglue. (think supernatural stuff) Unfortunately, the cracks remain and they will stay for a while more.

Just when the teapot thinks that everything is fine and easy, a bomb explodes nearby, shattering it into pieces again. Or at least a part of it. The teapot had it's handle blown off by the explosion. Now it is being repaired by its owner with patient hands and Godly skill.

Enough about teapots. There is a metaphorical meaning to that story, if you take the time to think about it. Good luck in deciphering the code.


I feel that I'm a person who does things to the extreme.

I've played computer games the whole day before.
I've studied nonstop for 11 hours before.
I've studied the whole day before .(with short breaks)
I've been on the Internet for 7.5 hours straight before (yesterday while I was doing the minutes...and AGM minutes)
I've been depressed for one two days 50 hours before.
I've sat in front of and played the piano nonstop for 6.5 hours before.
I've done music theory the whole day before.
I've read books the whole day before.
I've watched TV 7 hours before.
I've talked on the phone for 70 minutes before .(a long time for a person who doesn't talk much)
I've typed 3306 words in 90 minutes before.
I've completed all my homework in class many times before.
I've achieved a lot of academic awards (by the grace of God) before.
I've done nothing but daydream for a WHOLE hour before (total waste of time)
I've spammed peoples' Friendster pages for almost a year now.
I've played Simcity 3 & 4 for hours without breaks before.
I've finished 4 NILAMs in one hour (today) - NILAM with full details - all fields full of writing.*partly illegible of course


I've learnt something over the past week, partly thanks to Mrs Ramani and partly because of my pastor.

I have to learn to live with myself and accept my mistakes.


No person is perfect.
Prefects are not perfect. XD
I have made mistakes. Many mistakes. Part of life is to learn from your mistakes, accept the consequences, mend broken ties and push on in the turbulent sea of life, with only the eye of the hurricane as a transient relief, a momentary time of peace before the next wave comes crashing over you. Thank God for being my anchor in times of need. I can depend on Him.

By the way,
I am a prefect.
A retired prefect.

It's just SO WEIRD. AWKWARD. STRANGE. UNCOMFORTABLE. sit down at the terrace reading a book for the DEAR program not tell students to keep quiet. line up with my classmates not be on duty not go out early for recess not be so involved in the activities of the prefects

After being a prefect for 5 years, I feel a sense of loss. Something has been taken away from me. Is it power and authority? I don't think so. Maybe a little, but not that much. Is it the feeling of comradeship? The camaraderie? Maybe. Is it the adrenaline rush you encounter when you deal with students? Perhaps. Is it the overall sense of being part of a team that works together to achieve goals? I think so.

I shall miss my days as a prefect. An active prefect. I shall miss them a LOT.
Now, my time has passed. I have to let go. I have to let the future Board take over. I need to study. 13 days until SPM trials. 13 days to study up all the Sejarah, Add Maths, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics stuff from Form 4 until Form 5.

Wah. I am so ....behind schedule. Maybe I'll have to alter my priorities. I think that if I do that, the first thing to go will be blogging. There is no solid purpose in blogging except to attract attention and to let my thought be known to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, blogging doesn't help me to study. However, it helps me to release stress. I actually feel better after I blog. It's like...I leave my feelings in my writing *typing* and I can go on, with my heart lightened.

Hopefully, this won't be my last post. For now. muahaha *evil laugh*
Haha. I learnt how to create the strike through effect today. *Thanks Nigel!*
MisUse it.
AllMost of the time.
hehehe~ *Snickers

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