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UNSW ICAS English.

Superbly short of time.
Rushed to read.
Not read.
Is SKIM through the text, ZOOM through the question, then IDENTIFY the answer as quickly as possible.

60 minutes.
60 questions.


(except some questions which ask definitions of words)

the 3 words.


Sheesh. I could remember checking Prosaic up in the dictionary before, but the meaning slipped my mind. Arrrgghhh....

I got it wrong. Argh. Prosaic is synonymous to Mundane.
Nevermind. 1 question. The first of many others. Lol.

Mrs Ramani's voice makes a microphone and a sound system unnecessary. Haha. The whole hall could hear her. Hmm...not bad. =D
Usual.. she can quiet a whole class by just looking at them.

My whole class was there. (except Mr. Kum who conveniently disappeared...he's DEAD - will be sat on by our teacher. XD )

About almost the whole school's English-proficient (or supposedly) population of students sat for the 1 hour paper today.

She gave us exactly 60 minutes. No less, no more. Wow. When she collected my paper, she asked me this:

How? High Distinction?
(with a warm smile)

*I shrug my shoulders repeatedly and rather jerkily..*

*she smacks my back for good measure*

*ouch. I laugh*

Later when she announced that the Lower Sixes had to rearrange the hall because the Form 5's arranged it, we I started clapping.

*dagger stare from Mrs. Ramani*

*I immediately stop clapping and feign ignorance, leaning forward and hiding behind Yee Seng's body - light travels in a straight line - she can't see me - hehehehe - *

Lol. ~~SSsssshhhh...~~~

As I walked out of the hall, I felt extremely happy. I don't want to use complex adjectives to describe my happiness. Let's keep it simple. Haha. My last UNSW exam. (probably)
I can now concentrate on my Form 4 and Form 5 syllabus. Period. It's OVER!!!!!


and I made it!!!!

The hours spent with the dictionary paid off.
The time spent cracking my head over the difficult English usage had its benefits.
The effort to sit for the taxing exam was worth it.

I finished the paper and walked out triumphantly (figuratively).
Most people couldn't finish the 60 questions. No time. That's all. If you can't read real fast, then you have a big problem as you will definitely face a time shortage.(unless you're a genius and can understand texts and answer questions at a super-high speed)


Now to wait for the results.
God is good.
All the time.

Just leave it into His hands. And trust Him. For the best. That you deserve. That He wants you to have. In whatever you do. For life.
*nods head*
I sound like a preacher. Lol. Not bad.

The results should be out in 3 month's time. (with the maths results too)

Until then, TRIALS.
Must study Sejarah. Argh.

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