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To summarise up the whole day, I could say that I went to school, studied, had lunch, attended accounts class, and went home.

To add details,


I arrived in the school's magnificently-decorated compound, smelled the sweet aroma that the fragrant flowers emanated sparingly, gazed in wonder at the towering new block, stared at a Sharveena's new coiffure (quite nice actually...=D), visited my quiet classroom, took in the sights and wonders of my friends who were in slumberland, and then madde a visitation to the refuge known as the Prefects' Room....

... to encounter some not-so-calm events.

Not to say that the Prefects' Room is not a quiet place to indulge in aimless daydreaming, but, it can get pretty noisy when everyone's chatting and catching up with each other.
We're a big family, so we can't help but to talk about the day that was and to reminisce about the good old days...before we retired and to talk about the upcoming events. O.o.

1st Bell rings. *RRRRIIIIIINNGGG!!!

Normally, that bell signals students to stop moving and talking. It's a culture we practice in MBSSKL. Prefects tell the students to STOP MOVING & STOP TALKING.

This lasts for about ..hmm...20-30 seconds.


Students have to move to the assembly ground and line up in their respective classes Quietly.


By this time, the students SHOULD have lined up in an orderly manner whilst retaining the serenity of a garden park. (quiet la...)

Mondays are different.
We have to do our DEAR program.
DEAR is an acronym for Drop Everything And Read.
= Reading session during which you must read something (not in syllabus & must be beneficial - knowledge)
DEAR goes on for 10 minutes, then the assembly starts.

Usual stuff - National Anthem, State Anthem and then the School Song. (in BM)
Hehe... our school is special in the sense that we have the school song in 2 versions - BM and BI, and they use the same music too!. =) - the work of a great composer. I think it was Mr. Hugh F. Clancy, one of the previous principals.

Announcements commence...then prizegiving...woohoo.. I got a Surat Penghargaan Pengetua! (again - this is the 4th...) ...then speeches from teachers and the administrators. Go Mr. Wong!.
He always ends his speeches with this motto: "Go Forward MBS!"

We have our uniform and hair check. Long fingernails included. Illegal pants, socks and shoes too. Haha. The offenders have to wear boots (for illegal shoes and socks), or sarong (for pants).
Long hair merits a haircut by the discipline teachers. Long fingernails = RM1 for nail cutter usage. If you do not wish to cut your hair, you have to call your parents to come and pick you up to send you home to cut your hair by the next day. Ooo...

Headed back to class for Sejarah. Sejarah...aahhh....have to memorise two whole textbooks before the exam!. Trials NEXT WEEK .

Mrs Ramani pulled Set 1 and Set 2 English classes to the school hall...
(wondering what it was...)
Aiyoh. Arrange tables for tomorrow's UNSW ICAS English exam.. ok... 6 columns of 19 rows...equals...117..minus 1 (the door) 4 at the back. Voila. 120 tables and chairs in perfect grid (after 1 period of effort by about 60 17-year-olds. ..

After that, it was Moral. Argh. I was doing my work (the teacher's work) while he was crappi lecturing us about Hak Kanak-Kanak and Hak Wanita... arrghh... moral...
*finishes work and starts to listen..

Bell rings.
Computer Literacy. The subject that only our school has. We head gleefully to the Multimedia Lab. The blast of airconditioning welcomes us.. woo....nice..
All too soon, it's over and we head back to class for... sastera. KOMSAS. Sajak..erm...what was it.. Yea.. Sajak Keindahan yang Hilang. Tough to understand. Too much...bahasa puitis..
Recess starts...=)
I rush to gulp down my food before heading to the office to find out some information about the requirements for Lower Six entries to MBS. Not bad.. thank you Pn Phoon!

Unfortunately, today Pn Chan had to attend a meeting (mesyuarat) at JPWP - the Education Department of the Federal Territory of KL. We had work, though (our loving teacher would definitely make sure of that - she wants All A1's from us -but then again, which teacher doesn't?) 2 papers, but there are 8 pages. Double-sided and shrunk. Save paper. Save trees. Petrol cost has gone up. =/

Struggling to finish the chem before the two periods are up, I feverishly pore through my reference book. YES!. Answer. Answer. This one..erm..forgot..check.. more.. DONE!

On to EL. Big L - Literature in English. Taught by none other than our adorably plump *teddy* teacher, Mrs. Ramani! -Most Expressive and Adorable Teacher. I admire the way she speaks. There's POWER in each word. And her accent - Britishlike (even though she's Indian). Hoo...BEST. We are finishing our Drama - An Inspector Calls. We listen enthralled as she narrates the drama, bringing the characters to life. Simple yet catchy story with plenty of details, enough to please a pedant.

10th period. BM. While others are happily scurrying off to goodness-knows-where, we are studying BM in our class watching them go by outside. Argh. Kata Kerja Tak Transitif = Boleh pasifkan dengan Objeknya. Oo...hard to understand.. Pn Lim.. BMnya Bagus!! *Boleh Paham tak, kelas?* Homework = her daily staple for 5C. Tatabahasa Praktis SPM 5...ok..

Finally. 1.45pm. School is officially over for today. Not yet for me.. I hurry to the canteen, gobble down a plate of rice and then go for accounts class. Pn Victoria wants to stop teaching the Science class students because it's so HARD/DIFFICULT/TROUBLESOME to arrange a date for the accounts class. Aihh... what to do..we have so many activities. This club, that club...this meeting..that AGM...another meeting.. sure to clash. Accounts class in the Chemistry Lab. We had 3 camps today.
Camp 1 - Hwa Jiunn - Maths - Earth as a Sphere
Camp 2 - Lucas and I - BM Tatabahasa
Camp 3 - Mun Fei and gang - Chemistry.
Teacher asked us to stop and concentrate on Accounts. *laughs*
Ok teacher.

Oohh.. I don't normally blog about my day like this; I like to keep it relatively secret. XD but..for a change ..nevermind. XD

Tomorrow's the English EXAM!! =D

All the best!!

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