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3:55 PM

BM over. YEAH!!

Etched by Isaac

It's Finally OVER!!

*jumps for joy* (inside heart). lol.

The BM papers are totally over. Finished. Wrapped up. Yes.

Let's wait and see what my teacher says when she gives back the papers. Hahaha.!.


wooo....nice word.

I'm really glad that I managed to write the essays well, and that the sun didn't shine so brightly (I sit by the window - thank God for the conducive weather!)

BM over.. =D

BM Over.

Chemistry. Paper 2. Oooh...

Must study. Yea. Have to. Is a must. Cannot Not study.
Have to revise the whole syllabus; everything as anything can be tested. Teacher says that the previously untested topics will be tested. Hmm.. ok..

Meanwhile, the silly website is STILL down.
Perhaps it's inundated with hits from all the interested 17 year olds.. in Malaysia.. haha...

Server crash. xD. Again.. cannot load... what lar...eeshh..

530 pieces of paper. Ooh.. what a lot of paper. That's minutes. How about the seconds?

Blog time shall be cut short. Got to go... study and revise.. and ..argh. more study. Haha.

Before I disappear, I just want to throw something here.. haha.. Thanks to Janice Koo. =D (wah...5 forwarded emails overnight). Anyway, these are some really cool pictures (from the email - I just copied and pasted them..haha)

Entries for an art
contest at the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC

The rule was that the artist could use only one sheet of paper.

And some optical illusions: -the best is last. Trust me. =D


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