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What in the world was I thinking when I attempted this question??..

Out of the 5 choices, I could have picked "The Qualities of a Leader", or "Responsibility"...or...any of them for that matter.

Descriptive essay-writing has never been my forte. Ouch. It's true. I write better reflective compositions in which the reader gets a headache after finishing it (if he or she can actually finish it - my handwriting legibility leaves much to be desired)

Anyway, it's over. OVER. English papers 1 and 2.



First Language.

I'm still amazed at the number of words that I don't know.

Eg. Seyogianya.

= Sepatutnya... (what the....)

I got a 4B last exam. This time, it will be different. Oh, yes it will be...*evil laugh*....

Approximately 12 hours from now, as I type this post, I will be sitting at a desk, in a classroom, cracking my head over the proper words to use in the summary (Rumusan). Yes.

I thank God for giving me the much-needed clear mind today to think pragmatically and on-the-spot. I thank Him too, for the good weather, and the lack of distraction (or infusion of I'm committing tomorrow into His hands, knowing that He will help me through. That's MY GOD!. The one and only, the Alpha and the Omega, Beginning and End, Prince of Princes, King of Kings, The Lamb, That's MY GOD!

(I saw a movie clip that went on for about 10 minutes talking about MY GOD. Haha. It's nice. He's Great. I'm awed.)

Rushing to save time, I shall end this post prematurely. LoL. Posts will be shortened hereafter due to an acute lack of the important substance known to mankind as none other than TIME.

The End.

(maybe I'll post up the essay when I get it back...about 1 month from now...kekeke)

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