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3:34 PM

Does my English suck?

Etched by Isaac


Ok, I'll admit that isn't a proper way to start a formal piece of writing, but then again, this IS a blog

* my world *

* I define the rules *


Submit to the authority of the great sovereign. The English language. All shall pay respect to the old dame. She's gone.

Oh no~~~

With the dawn of blogging and instant messaging, the average Joe doesn't pay attention to using proper English anymore. Grammar and tenses are thrown to the wind, spelling is consistently inconsistent, a word or a phrase can have more than one convoluted meaning.

Yea, right. Who wants to bother to spell out a word when a shorter, easier-to-type version gets the message across? Why waste the effort? Why throw the energy down the drain when it could be used for some other crucial cause, like checking your Facebook profile for the latest updates while uploading new photos of your recent foray into the world of window shopping and drinking your latte at Starbucks all at the same time?

Who cares anyway about how you spell your words?

*a moment please*

Ok. I care.
If you haven't noticed by now, I have yet to use the so-called-contractions of commonly-used words. (with the exception of 'LoL', of course) Smileys belong to another class, so don't bug me about that. The same goes for MSN Messenger.

The Queen's English.
What happened to it?
Buried in tons of short messages, it has now become all but defunct in the modern world where people rush about, busy as bees, answering phone calls, cancelling others and putting others on hold. The need to be connected has grown exponentially in the past decade. Broadband Internet and the advent of Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) have changed the way people live; in other words, there has been a total transformation. What used to be an impossibility last time is now taken for granted.

Did I just write all that?
So what?
I'm going to write more.

In the microcosm of the school in which I study, there was a test. It was none other than the dreaded MORAL Education test.

Students cringe at it's name, it's the bane of every sane school-goer; there is no rest until and unless you have left the public schooling institutions.

My Moral exam today was in some ways better than I could have hoped for, taking into consideration the fact that I only started studying for it at the eleventh hour, literally. Thank God for blessing me with great memory capabilities. I don't have photographic memory, though.

Beware. There is an upcoming celebration. It shall and will definitely cause many people to lose speed, in terms of traffic speed. In 3 days' time, Malaysia shall celebrate her 51st anniversary of Independence. After 446 years of conquest, Malaysia *at that time called Malaya* gained her independence from the British and flew her flag, the Jalur Gemilang, for the very first time on that momentuous day when the Union Jack was lowered at the stroke of midnight to be replaced with the Jalur Gemilang, heralding the birth of a new nation, Malaya.

I will not continue because the rest of the story is practically everywhere in the History textbooks. Go read. Or Google. Therefore, we will have reached 51 years of Independence; freedom from colonisation.


Isn't it beautiful??

Former Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad waving the flag proudly

~~The Agong, his wife and our current Prime Minister -
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi , fondly dubbed "Pak Lah" ~~

This is at Dataran Merdeka *Merdeka Square*

In advance,

HAPPY 51st Birthday MALAYSIA!!!!!!

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