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3:41 PM

Half Life

Etched by Isaac

*evil laugh* it about blowing people into bits?.

...about gunning down bad/good guys?

..about gaming and shooting?


Half life - the period of time taken for a certain amount of a radioactive substance to lose half its mass - PHYSICS


Physics tomorrow. And ONLY Physics.

Chemistry today was nice: I managed to answer most of the questions. ;D
Yea...there was another paper that I forgot about - Maths 1. An objective paper; the First objective paper, the ONLY objective paper before the holidays.

And..oh yea.. I got selected for the PLKN. Wah. What the.. shheesh..

Hmm.. it seems that most of the BB boys were also selected. Where and when we will go, we do not know. Too bad..

Nevermind. Now, the time is to study. And to think about getting a handphone. XD.
I've been asking plenty of people about handphones lately..

From what I've heard, Nokia makes more durable/hardy phones than Sony Ericsson.
Sony Ericsson is better for playing music.
Nokia handphones are more expensive.
Drop a Sony Ericsson and you can say buhbye!! to your phone.
Throw a Nokia at a dog and the dog will die.
Nokia phones are not as stylish as Sony Ericsson phones.
Sony Ericsson phones have lesser applications than Nokia phones.
Nokia phones' 2.0 MP cameras beat that of Sony Ericsson's phones anytime (note: 2.0MP cameras..)
Sony Ericsson has Walkman phones.
Nokia has a new Xpressmusic series.
What larh..

AP and Ori.
Ada Problem and Original.
$$ and $$$$$$.
Sungai Wang is the place to go.
LoL again.

Exams LAH... stop talking about handphones. haha.. back to the half life.
and... v= u + at.

..and... q = mcteta..

have to memorise all the lens characteristics..and..the kinetic theoy of matter...and..the types of radiation... throw in the scientific method and add a little of the electric circuitry and voila! You have a recipe for hair-pulling nerve-wracking disaster. *evil laugh again*

Off to study the anatomy of a flip-flop circuit switch/gate/whatever...(they call this LOGIC). What a paradox..hahahahahaha~~~~~~~~

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


isaac said...

Mr. Papaskinel...
i have absolutely NO IDEA what crap you are yammering about.

your web page is totally BORING.
... change the layout a bit..
add colours..
a variety of fonts..
..and the works.

I don't know whether you are talking about the Literature,
the Scientific part?
..or.. the HALF LIFE>,
..or GOD?.
You're not getting to the point.
And this makes no sense.
Sorry, but that's how I feel.

And if you have the guts to post something, don't be such a scaredy cat to delete it only 12 minutes later.
God Bless You. =)