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Is it a holiday??

It certainly feels like a holiday...

I feel like I'm having a holiday...


Since I got home, I haven't touched a single book. LoL!

Supposed to study actually....



well, you get the idea. Heh.

I've only played the piano, read the newspaper, played piano again, ate dinner, and then sat down in front of this screen. That's why it feels like a holiday.

Notice the emphasis on "feels"

Because it only feels like holiday; in actual fact, it isn't.

Today's Physics paper 2 garnered plenty of critical appraisal from the ever-ready mouths of the intelligentsia-prolific students of the school.

Haha. What was a relatively easy Chemistry paper yesterday was totally made up today by the superbly tough Physics paper. Plus a recycled question from the mid-year exam. Shucks. I could have nailed that question had I read the previous exam paper. Aiyah!!...

Nice paper. Plenty of never-tested-yet topics as expected. I just didn't expect it to be that difficult. Good...way above standard. Nice....good trial for the real thing in the future..

The inhabitants of the accounts class couldn't stop talking about the paper; our poor teacher had to ask us to stop talking because we weren't doing our accounts. Some hot topic, huh? .Yea...hahahahaha

Mrs. Ramani sat on me shot humiliated kinda pulled my leg today after the Physics paper. As I was the last person to hand up the paper (due to my taking extra time to tie the papers together and write my name), she told me that she wouldn't collect my paper next time.

Excerpts from our peppery dialogue:

*puts paper on stack of exam papers*

*sends hard look with glinting eyes conveying hidden message*

*looks back with equally evil eyes*

*starts conversation* - The next time you take that long to hand up your paper, I'm not collecting it.

Sorry, teacher.

You were writing after I told the class to stop writing.

I was writing my name.

You were supposed to write your name within the time allocated.

Teacher, we are supposed to be given enough time to write our names before the exam starts. Just like SPM.

You've sat for SPM before is it?? ( LoL!! )

No, teacher, but from what I studied before ... *changes mind as the steely look increases in magnitude*...nevermind... Sorry teacher.

*walks back to seat in a huff*

Later I found out that she had been pulling my leg all the time. (thanks Dennis!)
Our Physics teacher was sitting behind her and making gestures and laughing silently. *gestures to cool down . CHILL!*..but I didn't see him - I was too busy focusing all of my concentration on the adorably plump teacher in front of me that shielded my view of the physics teacher. xD. It seems that I got rather angry... what to do.. after a tough paper, and then rushing to tie up the questions with the answer (had to poke through 6/7 pieces of high quality paper) , with heart pumping madly, walk up to her and place the result of 2.5 hour's work to receive a scolding. *sighs*

Ooh. Hope this won't affect the upcoming Literature paper. Heheh...(nervous..)

Back to main topic: Holiday.

This holiday is good. And bad. But more good. Why do I say so?

Well, the holiday is good because we have more time to study (Trials!!). At the same time, it's bad because of the same reason: WE HAVE TO STUDY~~. But it's good because we are forced to study for our own good. Hahah.. today's Physics paper probably acted as a wake-up call saying "Time to study!"

Holiday. Accounts class on Wednesday!! ..Time: 8.00 am till around 12.00 pm (probably later)
Add Maths class on Monday!!.. Time: 9.00 am till about 12.00 pm (I think...)
Hmm...need to buy a mouse. Not a white one. Nor a black one. Or a fat one. Or one with a tail. I need a computer know..the thing you put your hand on and click nonstop with ..hahahaha.. (LAME).. must learn from Xian Lum/Lame

Hahahaha. Now to go surf the web/net/internet/whatever you call it. Haha.

By the way..Chong Wei won (thanks Boon Kheng!)
Go Malaysia!!!

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