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a.k.a the Advent of the Subversive Principles of Accounting.

whoops~wrong pictures.. anyway, I think that's the kiwifruit I ate the other day

Weird huh?

It seems that my recent unprecedented foray into unknown territory (writing a post in BM) has garnered appreciation and support from the most unlikely parties. *No, not only you, Kay Yan* Hahahahaaa~~

I'll post up another BM post soon.. hehe.. it's good practice for essay writing *latihan menulis karangan*. In the meantime, I'll use good old English for this post. Thus sayeth the individual who writeth this post. Accentuate the punctuation, lower the tones, break the rules, differentiate the equation. *too much add maths already*

Selepas satu hari, si Isaac telahpun mendapati bahawa kaki kirinya dipotong seperti Othman Yusof berasa agak sakit angkara perjalanan yang mencabar yang melibatkan Isaac berjalan di tepi Jalan Ampang. Syukurlah kerana kini kesakitan tersebut sudah hilang dengan mujarabnya!

Eh, enough BM. Muahahahaha *why do I always type that?* ..Bwahahahahaa... Wakakaka.

Adalah suatu dosa besar untuk memulakan pengumuman dengan frasa ini: "Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa...". Namun demikian, hal ini tidak diketahui ramai dan keadaan penyalahgunaan bahasa telah meningkat sampai hampir mencecah dinding kemuncaknya. Sikap tidak mengambil berat tentang penggunaan bahasa dengan betul melumpuhkan bahasa Melayu, bahasa kebangsaan dan kebanggaan kita.

Untuk pengetahuan saudara dan saudari sekalian, kata pemeri "adalah" hanya boleh diikuti oleh kata sendi nama dan kata adjektif misalnya "Cara untuk mencapai kejayaan adalah dengan usaha yang penuh dengan semangat kerajinan" dan"Warna kulitnya adalah perang". Kata pemeri "adalah" tidak boleh diikuti oleh kata kerja, contohnya dalam ayat ini (yang salah dari segi bahasa) "Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa".

Oh dear, enough BM.


*takes deep breath*

I have gone to about 10 centres where they sell HotLink starter packages, and I still CAN'T FIND a nice number. LoL. Oh well, in the meantime, people will have to call me at home. (not that many people call me though, most of them will ask me about studies/homework/class. ) XD

Yesterday my family and I went to Pizza Hut~~courtesy of a kind church member who gave my father a RM 50 voucher! *so good* *Thank God*

We don't normally visit Pizza Hut because ...erm.. well.. it's kinda expensive .. and Dominoes sells at almost half the price. =D

Lols.. Janice says that I'm a POSER !! *whatever that means..* haha.. NO.. I'm NOT a camwhorer~~~

~hehe.. no red eye~

Soup of the Day + Breadstix *I think*

~ orangeade ~ with a shaky camera

This pizza slice is totally covered with mould CHEESE!! *grated cheddar* ..mmmmmmmmm..


Back to the real title of the post. Hahaha~~

~~all ready to go for class the next morning~~

The Prefects' Room in a pristine condition - inhabitantless at 7.40 am on Saturday

~A picture of a picture~
*spot me if you can*

*poser*. what lar. Pose also pose properly la.. not like this...lols..

Mun Fei!

~and me~

*deep in subconscious thought* - is Dennis . =D

Anthony Khoo + a hand (is it his?)


Pn. Victoria, our Accounts teacher - very good teacher. =)

Loong Sang and *ahem*. poser again *ahem*

*buka mata besar-besar~~*

Wai Xhen aka Tomato Face & the 'poser'

Bernard "Banana" Ho. =) =)

Hardworking wohh....

*another one - Johnny~ *


erm..not all pictures turn out OK.

*the poser at work again* this time with Adrian. "Weng Chien Kor!!~~"

*my smile looks pretty dumb*. A paradox?

*they're STUMPED* lah. posing only...

They say: No, wait.
I say: *Chik-chak~~*

*ok lah.. *


Geng Akaun at work -- analysing the questions with the mastermind: the Teacher.
*one member is missing - the one snapping the picture*

Keadaan menjadi semakin hangat!!

Perbicaraan Penting

Ah, si Cerdik sudahpun mendapat jawapannya!! =D


Yea, this pair of shoes looks weird. Your opinion? The verdict?

I'm wearing them to NS. Muahaha~~~ they won't get lost because.... the colour scheme is unmistakable and they stand out from the crowd. *figuratively*

Small childrens' shoes. LoL.
They've got PVC, synthetic rubber, canvas and netting making up the body.
Coupled with a wacky colour scheme suited for beige pants, you won't be able to tell the difference if they're splattered with mud. Haha.

Yea, but I like them. LoL. It isn't easy to find shoes that fit me. *size* BATA aka Buy And Throw Away is running out of models which have my size. More options come from the other companies such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok which are somewhat heavier on the wallet. Anyway, it's not too good to bring expensive things to NS; they go missing "magically". A friend of my mother told her that her son went to NS, and he said that he enjoyed it. The only complaint?. He lost his Handphone - an expensive one at that, too. Stolen by somebody (obviously is a roommate/dorm mate) while he was in the shower. Moral of the story? Never Ever bring pricey stuff to places like those in NS. Unless you want to take the risk. Your choice.


Iced lemon tea
*Thanks, Mum!*
~ a nice drink to accompany my pursuit of knowledge today ~

And... 'savoury nuts' from Australia
- a gift from my mothers's student's mother. *a mouthful* - pun -

Malaysia's 51st National Day Anniversary
is coming


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