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9:28 PM

Lazy (no time actually) to blog...

Etched by Isaac

Since I'm SO I'll just throw some more random pics around.. Hehe.

From left to right: 128MB Thumbdrive, 2GB Thumbdrive, 4GB SDHC memory card, 5 sen coin.
Notice that the physical size gets smaller while the digital storage size gets larger (minus the coin .XD) . I forgot to include the humble 1.44 MB diskette. LoL. that me??.. o.o...

Handphone box -high quality paper..XD

~~~~~Yesterday's dinner~~~~

*read and understand it*

Oops..a bit too blur . What Makes Life Good : Work. =D

Lagi blur. This proves that my phone isn't exactly a camera phone. No big plays music superbly well. *laughs*

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