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Yea.. it's been a long....long time. (about 3 days actually)

This is a picture... you have good eyesight if you can see me.. I'm looking dismally at the pouring rain....

I'm just too busy to update...aihh..
I've been studying...
then yesterday I actually wanted to update, but then ended up chatting on MSN...
Facebook is a thief of time...
And so is Friendster (to a smaller degree)
Headaches make things worse..
The piano is a leech that saps more time...
Same goes for the newspapers...
Plus I had to reformat the computer....darn the terrible virus that I can't kill...isshh..
After reformatting, I had to spend more time updating/installing/reconfiguring/disturbing the software setups ...
Argh. I still can't get the Adobe CS 3 to work..
AVG 8 + Roxio EMCE 10 = Memory Hog at work.
CS3 can take up to 9 GB.. wah. Good thing I don't need all the components..
Ya... CS3 isn't Counter Strike 3... swt.. it's Creative Suite 3.
('',) - Thanks Jia Sen for teaching me that..(emoticon?..haha)

Monday was a day out : Add maths class in the morning..then off to Sungai Wang / Low Yat with Jia Sen and my family - to buy a handphone... yalah... how in the world did I get that picture above?..haha..

I had been spending my online time researching the topic of handphones.. which model was what way...which one had problems.. (this took 1 week)
So we managed to find the phone. It's a new model (relatively speaking)
After that, Jia Sen and his mum left..and my family and I went to buy printer toner.

Lol. The guy at the Samsung centre was left speechless.

Mum : How much is the toner?
Salesman (Guy) : RM220
Mum : Isn't there any discount?
Guy : No, the price is fixed.
Mum : Fixed by who??

*we all laugh as the guy tries to come up with an answer*

Hahahahaa~~~ my mum can bargain her way through just about anything.
Haha.. I got a free screen protector for my handphone thanks to mum. =D

Hehe. The handphone is....

It's (in one word) : Cool.

The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.

Primarily meant to be an on-the-go audiophile's best friend, it functions as a handphone as well. (what lar...I sound like a salesman - can't help it after reading reviews about it everywhere)
Original Nokia package price: RM 1070.
Approved Permit (AP) price: RM 780 - RM 820.
What's the difference?...about RM200... the original package has a warranty from Nokia..the AP warranty is from the AP service provider company.. difference...
The difference was that I managed to get myself a good pair of earphones, a card reader and a 4 GB micro SD card with the extra RM 200 and still had left over. Wahahahaa..
I must thank Jia Sen for helping me so much with the purchase of the handphone. He's my advisor/helper/mentor/siFu..=D

Pizza at Sungai Wang plaza ground floor. It's value for money, seriously..

RM18 for a whole large pizza - the toppings are so thick!..

My phone is a fingerprint magnet. I polish it with tissue paper to remove the offending prints.. lols..

Don't ask me for my number because I don't have a SIM card yet. It's pretty useless to buy one and activate it since it's the exam period... and I can't bring the handphone to messages and calls are I need to study...yalah.. ..=.=

By the way, I'm uploading the Genting photos as I type.. hehe... don't know how many..erm..*counts photos..* *gasps* ... 67 photos.. woohooo..

Only today I discovered that Microsoft Picture Manager does the job that I want : to resize many photos at the same time (with 1 click).
So nice.

The Sims 2 with all its expansion packs occupies.. about.. 8 GB. Wow..
Forged Alliance : 8 GB.
Windows : 2 GB.
Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 : about 2 GB.
MS Office 2003 : 1 GB.
Good thing the new hard disk is big enough..
I'm not using MS Office 2007 yet (even though I have the software) ..because not everyone is using it yet.. and converting old files takes a long time..

*15 more photos to go*
*after that...erm... 67 captions??..aiyoyoyoyo*

*finishes uploading 67 photos*
*finishes uploading Beauty and the Beast ticket photos*
*starts uploading photos to This post*

Haha... now I'm using my phone like a take pictures, play music and

3G is too expensive.

*wait until it's free* XD

This post is superbly unorganised..haihz...
what to do...
nevermind la..

RANDOM pics..

Treasure trove of words..
This is the dog on my table - it guards my stationery case..hahaha~

Interesting Subject

RD August.. whats...swt...what also take picture..haha



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