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2:44 PM

My Phone

Etched by Isaac

Phone box (opened)

Above: Installation CD - contains Nokia Suite : A Very Useful Software Application . Seriously.
Below: User Guide - High quality glossy paper.. lols...

So I was playing with my new toyphone. Hehe. It's really nice... aiyoh.. addictive too... lols.

Let's see...I'm not going to write a full review because there are professionals doing that. I'm not paid to do that too.. XD.

Anyway, let's go over this phone (from my point of view).

The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. Newly-released, this phone is a rather slim phone (for full specifications, GOOGLE "Nokia 5320 XpressMusic review" and click the first or second entry. =P ).

It is NOT a camera phone. Take note. If you're looking for a good camera phone, this is NOT your best choice. It is however, a fun phone to play with. Hehe.. I was toying and experimenting with the panorama mode. LoL.

```can you spot the joints??``

The phone performs averagely in terms of camera strength. (2.0 MP) ( Lacks autofocus).( Has focus - Fixed Focus - from 10 cm -Infinity ) (8X Digital Zoom - do not use zoom - it makes the picture quality drop like mad) (Use normal setting and everything will be fine =D )

However, there is a built-in photo editor that I played with today. Hehe.. take a look:

Top to bottom: Various added effects to the first photo. ('',)

These 5 photos were taken using the "sequence" photo mode. Unfortunately, the phone couldn't capture the movement fast enough (I can spin the pen faster than the phone can see it..XD )

There's also a night mode coupled with a twin LED flash. I find the flash a bit too bright ...(no pics of that - it temporarily blinded me...zzzz)

~~a view of... my wastepaper basket.. swt... _Observe the noticeable detail: can see writing.. accounts paper lines... graph paper... green print on plastic bag.. =.=''' _ who said the camera can't capture detail...lolxx~~

Hmm.. it's been a long time since my nails have been this long
(short by other schools' standards)

~~short again~~

However, this phone plays music wonderfully - it's as loud (maybe louder) than a radio.. HAHA.
Come on, the name implies that it IS a MUSIC phone. "XpressMusic".

I hooked it up to my new Panasonic earphones (earbuds??.) and.. wahhhhh.... the music I listened to was just so different compared to listening to the computer speakers/hi-fi set.

-Panasonic speakers -
the salesman there had a headache after Mum unsuccessfully tried to bargain me out of buying them. *RM 45.00*
* There was a pair of Creative earphones - RM399.00 what the...=.=''
earphones cost half the handphone.. lol....*

Added bonus: Purchase of this phone ( and a few other selected models ) entitles the buyer to 100 FREE songs (downloaded of course ).

This is the redemption voucher..hehe. too bad I can't register yet.. isshh.. I need a mobile phone number. ooohhh..

This phone's battery life isn't very great, though. On standby mode, it can last almost a week (claims the manufacturer...) I believe that because the battery stayed "full" for 2 days when I didn't disturb the phone (standby mode).

On the other side of the spectrum--- I exhausted the battery within ONE DAY twice!!.
How?.. erm.. I played with the phone..XD.. Took pictures, recorded sounds, videos, played games, installed applications, transferred music files from my PC, refreshed the music library like 100 times...erm.. played more music.. loudspeaker.. hahaha..

By the way, the battery charges from O% (cannot switch on phone) to 100% (full...) in about 1 hour 45 minutes.. =D (pretty fast)

Overall, this handphone is for people who want a slim music playing (high quality) handphone.
It isn't a camera phone. *notice how I keep repeating that*.
It's for the casual photographer (me?.)
It's for the stylish on-the-go audiophile. (me?..nahh...)
It's for those who want a Music-playing NOKIA phone.
It's a nice package. =)
Yea, I forgot to mention that it's the CHEAPEST Symbian 60 v3 mobile device. Hehe.
~`the first photo I took with my phone - at the stall*hahahaha*`~
Actually, the camera isn't too bad.. you just need to avoid zooming and excessive shaking.
(aren't all other handphone cameras about the same ?? *minus the Sony Ericsson C902 which costs a bomb - I rather buy a handphone for RM800 and a camera for RM 1000 than a Handphone camera for RM 1800.....)
It's pretty fun to experiment with the photo editing application. And the panorama mode too. =D

On another note...
My PC was equally overworked yesterday and the day before.
Ripping a music CD using WMP 11...
Copying another music CD's contents to my hard drive...
Converting mp3s to m4a format using the Nokia Music Manager...
Copying those m4as to the phone...
Downloading 3 torrents with Flashget(music of course)...
Downloading Symbian 60 v3 applications with Mozilla Firefox...
Checking Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo and Hotmail...
Looking at my MSN to see who's online (while appearing offline)...
Playing music that is being ripped...
Printing minutes with new toner...
Searching for more Symbian 60 applications...
Scouring torrent sites for more music...
Finding a free registration code for (which I failed to obtain after 35 miserable minutes of being redirected everywhere.. *pouts*)
Discovering that there is NO SUCH THING as a free full download service (think Cracked stuff/ Warez/Underground)
Checking the Task Manager to see the CPU usage. XD

No wonder my PC worked overtime.

Task Manager - CPU Usage - Average = 95% - 100 %
I'm using a Dual Core CPU.. this means that I need a Core 2 Duo.
Wait till the price drops.
Intel C2D E6700.

That's why I didn't have the time to blog yesterday.
I shouldn't be blogging today.
It's EATING up my study time.

This was my target for study time.
Still not yet achieved due to various distractions.
Eg. Handphone. Handphone. Internet. Blog. Facebook. Friendster.
I promised myself this morning not to blog until I had finished all my work.
I broke that promise.
Lousy guy.
Some hardworking guy.

Boys' Brigade Chevrons

I'm NOT going to touch any social networking sites & this BLOG until I finish my work. (that will be tomorrow. I think. Hope. Pray.)

Addiction is DANGEROUS. Especially addiction to the INTERNET. Connectivity Rocks. It's a thief of time. UNDERSTAND?..

GREAT. This post took me 1 hour (I promised myself that I would take only 20 minutes.) *Hmmmmpphh..*

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