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2:55 PM


Etched by Isaac

Today was a nice day?..
was it?.

*there is someone drilling/cutting/hacking... outside... I think it's my neighbour's house grill ..or padlock.*

* the guy (don't think is a girl) rang my doorbell.*

* I didn't answer*

*dead giveaway... the hall lights are turned on*

|||I stay in an apartment...xd|||

* i hide behind the main door..*

* and try to listen to the footsteps*

* after ringing like 10 times..*

* the guy gets tired *

* i stand stock still stupendously silent*

* the guy walks off (i think) *

* i go back to the PC *

* i hear drilling....*

* ...and grating of metal*

* ..a door opens . must be another neighbour*

*.. never talk to strangers...*

* the guy is gone .( i think) *

* no more sounds / noise from the outside *

* i start blogging *


I got wet today. It rained. I didn't bring an umbrella. I never bring an umbrella. So what?.

Literature is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ~!finally!~
12 pages.
12 WHOLE pages.
With my writing.
(described to be "like a can of worms" by my mother - she wonders how my teachers mark my work...)
12 WHOLE pages.
12 x 400 words
~4800 words. ..
4800 < 30 000

so.. Mrs Ramani can't say that I gave her a 30 000 word thesis.
Finishing EL...left me (and almost everyone else) with a handache (is there such a word?)

EST 1. 662 word essay. Requirement? >200 words. How/?..
let it be~~~

IT. Our school (MBSSKL) seems to be the ONLY school to have this subject.
Computer Literacy.
Taught in the Multimedia Labs, this subject is engaging and fulfilling. (wahhh..promoting subject)


This isn't me.
I am not the person you see through this blog.
I am.... a lot less outspoken..
Less talkative.
More shy.
Less extreme.
I don't like taking pictures..
I have changed.

I read quite a few peoples' blogs last night and just now.
Am I going to become one of them?
Flaunting my whole life on a physically nonexistent webpage?
Do I exist only as metadata?
Is life in college about partying and clubbing?
Getting drunk?
What the...
I have moral values.
I am a Christian.
~lead by example~
Try that.
This post today will be pictureless.
And so will the next few posts too.
* I don't laugh like that in person *
* because I can't equal Mrs. Ramani's laugh *
* but I'm trying too...*


My pen spinning skills suck.
Just go to YouTube.
Type " pen spinning "
Watch the first few videos.

Their pens seem to defy the law of gravity.* and [physics] *.. and... whatever other laws there are..
I guess they make use of Newton's 3rd Law.

For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Yea.. their pens are weighted equally on both ends and they have rubber grips.
And I guess they actually practise spinning ...
And it seems to be a guy thing.. a bit hard to find videos of girls spinning pens..
and the few videos I saw...erm.. well, the guys are better overall. XD


Bio tomorrow.
Chem tomorrow.
PJK (nice subject - physically, not academically) also tomorrow - 40 Objective questions.

I should be studying.

I remembered.

Miss Angelina a.k.a. ~Angel~ asked me to mention her in my post.

Visit Angelina's blog.. she's changed her layout.. *new cool layout* .. haha..


" We've got news that there will be a blackout today at 4 pm. All areas in KL will be affected. So, I hope you will finish studying your Literature by then. All the best and good luck."

.. said Mrs. Ramani yesterday.

* we look at each other nervously *
* I'm happy because I don't stay in KL *

" Oh, and I just lied."


Waliao.. Mrs Ramani ar... * we just finished the Sejarah 2 paper and were all super serious* .. she can really pull off jokes. Superb.


Battle against time. Start now. =)

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