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8:30 PM

Officially Holiday

Etched by Isaac

holidays are finally here.!.
but they don't seem like holidays.


Tomorrow, I'm going to Genting!!!!

*Correction* The 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Company Brass Band is going to Genting.

You got that right.
Being an award-winning brass band, we have accepted a request to perform there for the prizegiving ceremony of some Energizer, if I'm not mistaken. Muahahaha~~

And we get to play in the theme park after that. Yeah. However, tomorrow is a Saturday. Tomorrow is also the first day of the school holidays.

Saturday (weekend) + School Holidays = Massive human traffic = Ridiculously-long waiting times for queues = Annoyance = High Blood Pressure = deathexplosion of anger =..

Just kidding.
We'll probably enjoy ourselves there. A whole lot.
The bunch of blue-blooded boys (not royalty - BB boys have blue blood - Brotherhood) will brighten up the breezy day in the blistering heat. Notice the b's. Yea, in the BB, they teach us to spell "Boy" with a capital "B". Emphasis on the Boy. Boy. B. Hehe.

Today, there was a guy named Jackson Ng who came and spoke/lectured/promoted his course. "Top Student". Wah. RM 1288. Special discount for us MBS students = RM 888. Still. ... RM 888.. wah.... that's a LOT of $$$...

But then again, how many people have spent RM 888 on buying a handphone... or... something like that?..
This seminar/crash course seems to be good. Mr. Ng is really professional. He carried himself with great dignity ( plus a good bit of boasting too...=.=") He can talk really well... he guarantees results...or your $$$ back. Wow.

Conclusion, I'm not going for the seminar. It will be on the 21st and 22nd (Thursday & Friday).
I'll be at home studying. My way. Not his way. LoL.

Anyway, it's HOLIDAY!!!!

(not holiday)


Symbian 60. o.O... wah... what's that?... must go Google it up.

How about the exact definition of dpi for mouses??

And also ...Middlemarch by George Elliot?

Is purchasing a Core 2 Duo worth it???

How about an SX 100 IS?..

or.. an A720 IS??

Maybe Black Toner.

shopping list for the tech geek... who has plenty of cash on his hands... (not me, mind that....I'm cash-strapped)

Tomorrow.. Oooo....OOoooo...OOOO... Genting.
We performed there for the late Tan Sri Datuk Sri Lim Goh Tong's funeral.
The best memories were that of marching nonstop for about 2/3 hours at a painstakingly slow speed with miniscule steps up the hill and the percussion playing Extra-Loud when we passed the Chung Hwa High School Band. BeST!!

I remember eating a lot of char siu after that...haha.. free lah.
The 1st KL BB Brass Band has also featured in the 1 Utama Shopping Centre thrice, and for various other events. Hehe. We're Goooood. =D (syok sendiri)

Holidays = Self redemption time for the Form 5's and the Upper Sixes. Including me. Hehe.

Yay.... nice...wonderful..yea.
That word first appeared in a Mary Poppins movie (the woman who flies with an umbrella..yea..)
It means: FANTASTIC!!

Off to pack for tomorrow. Haha.

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