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2:23 PM

Thank God. =)

Etched by Isaac

This picture was taken right before I started blogging.



I hit 8 HOURS 15 MINUTES!!!
(after minusing out time wasted daydreaming/thinking aimless thoughts..hehe..)
This are 3 pictures.. for comparison. =)
From top down:
  • Night mode
  • No night mode
  • With flash.


Today was Metro Tabernacle's 26th BIRTHDAY!!


So, today we went to Flamingo Hotel. =D Nice place.

Before that, we visited Pelita for breakfast. LoL. This is me reading the newspapers.. hahahaha

The service was great! ..Hehe.. it gave me a chance to test out my new phone's video recording capabilities.. hehehehe.. not too bad ~~

Erm.. I had to stop it halfway...the presence of God was too great.. had to worship.. cannot record... lol..

The atmosphere is somewhat like attending a live music concert... my phone isn't capable of capturing the atmosphere...

Some pictures.. =)

The choir - with its conductor: a really spirited(no pun intended) fellow. =)

LCD screen captured by my brother

~~musicians in the background~~

Pastor Ong VS Mandarin translator (Bro. Ezekiel)

Cake ^.^

This is the cake-cutting.. nice..

This photo was taken (with me forgetting to turn off the flash ; I kept the phone in my pocket after that... hahaha)

After the cake cutting.


After the service, the cellgroup members got together and decided to go to the restaurant/coffeehouse opposite Public Bank (opposite Ampang LRT station)


part of MRR2 - phone camera can capture moving cars..lols

I actually wanted to take this photo from the centre of the road but I was scared that I would drop it. LoL. (while holding 2 Bibles, 2 magazines and a2 boxes of cake.


More pictures.
(I've been trigger happy..hahahaha)

Daniel's hand reaching for the 100 Pus Plus can

Daniel trying to block his face.. hahahahaha~~~~

Jonathan. ^^

1. Who's that??...

2. Eating fooood..

3. Gordon.
*why are you taking my picture?*

*they don't notice I'm taking their pictures.. lols..Daniel..*

*playing with the layout for photos now (here) ..hehe*

Eugene gesticulating to prove a point.. hahaha~~

Daniel/Eugene: *interesting *



-that's Lucas - .hehe.

*Jonathan's 2nd plate of chicken rice in foreground*

Money money money~~~~
*not mine though ...=/ .lols.*



Wooooo... 5 boxes of CAKE!!


*tea break today*

*no, I'm not eating them all myself..*



*Isaac taking picture in the car!*

*Oh Dear*

*this reminds me of some girls*

*have I become like a girl?*

*My mom said that last time, only girls liked to take photos; guys don't usually get themselves in the picture (pun intended)*

*oh no.....*

*what have I become??...*


It's gonna rain...
*drizzle starts*

*this was captured from the inside of a moving vehicle.*

~~~what the...
*Spiderman also take photo..*swt*

It's RAINING!!!!

Oh dear. My brother's tie fell down
*Above : zoomed-in view*
*Below : Normal mode *

Behold....the contents of the silvery box!!

*and this is my watch 10 minutes ago*

*means..this post took about 1 hour 20 minutes.*


*back after 20 minutes of editing the photo caption placings..*

*will not meddle so much with photo layout next time. XD *

EXAM TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL THE BEST (to those who are taking)

*if you are reading this, then that means that you aren't studying..*

*what does that say about me?*

*well, you get the point*

*promises not to spend so much time blogging from now until the exam ends*

*and yeah*

THANK YOU (to all who read this blog) .^^.

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