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11:27 PM

A Wonderful Day. ^^

Etched by Isaac

The last time we went for a function, we, the Form 5's all said that

"This will be our last function."

And then today we find ourselves in Genting Highlands, playing for an Energizer prizegiving ceremony of some sort, in the icy-cold mist of the clouds that line the Pahang sky.

Yes, it was cold. The air was dank. Mist swirled all around us. A cloud, and many more clouds blew past us. We were literally in the clouds.

The freezing air hit me like a blast when I stepped out of the already-cold air-conditioned bus.

It's COLD!!! WOOOOHHHH!!!....*breathes in and out faster to try to get warmer*

*teeth chatter*

We took our instruments and then assembled in front of the main entrance.
After about 3 minutes, almost all of us had put on our gloves to insulate our hands from the biting breeze.


*went to the toilet - washed hands - COLDER *

*teeth keep chattering*

Our performance was above the organisers' expectations. =D
Says our captain, Mr. Cheong. Hehe.

The organisers expressed their thanks for the band coming today. They said that the band played very well. Give yourselves a clap.

*claps fill the bus atmosphere - this was on the way down, at around 4.50 pm.*


~Bass drummers~

looky at the colourful building~~

Meet our Sergeant : Jason Tham. =D

Band ready


```quite yeng```
```equally yeng```

Horns / Trombones

Senior Bass members: Me.(^^) , Voon Ho and Kee An

yeah...and Daniel too (Yan Xun and Sherman in bacground)

Trumpeteers .XD

Do not focus on the toilet. It's Johnny and Tjun Yip, our Eb horn masters..haha Anthony in background - distracted's the toilet..why is it the female toilet? hmm..
From front: Yan Xun, Jin Zhao and Taw Wei - bass drummers

Sai Hong and Jonathan Chooi. - Saxophonists - Skillful

*I should have carried the tuba!..XD XD *

Jia Sheng and Isaac - at ease..

Daniel -```yeng```

The 3 Form 5's again. - Best buddies since Form 1

Focus on Sgt.

Nice Pic!

The band is playing..I think..Sock Hop Tonight.

Crowds throng the area

Look at the big battery~~!

more batteries...zzz

Focus on the band. =D

High-up view.

~through the glass pane~

~no glass?~
~above and below~ notice the mascots..haha...the monkey meddled with Sgt's badges..hahaha

~leaving the performance ground~
~the cool-looking guy on the right with the black specs is Adrian Yem, the proud owner of the camera that provided us all this wonderful pictures. Thanks Adrian! =)

Marching out~


Our intrepid cameraman : L/Cpl Au Wai Soon (with Eric looking at his

Drums surrounding the blowing instruments.

L/Cpls Daniel and Isaac. =D Under a roof of course..


DIM SUM ..nono...look at the cloud...swt
After our performance, we were allowed to roam around and enjoy ourselves. In our uniform. Yes, our uniform - the Blues.

Random pics..haha

Poser pic

The Space Shot - that I didn't visit..haha

[in focus] L/Cpl Loke Voon Ho - 1st KL's BEST tuba player! (and joker..XD)

Man..that guy's TALL>>> (with his stilts la..)

Our backstage changing room


We attracted more attention than the clowns walking around. Hahahahhaha.
Yeah... we met a clown/balloon sculptor that said he was from a BB company. Wow. He's working there to earn extra pocket money. He's only sixteen. Get the picture?. God bless that boy. =)

Imagine walking around Genting Highlands outdoor theme park wearing a navy blue long sleeved shirt, navy blue slacks, sky blue tie, a white haversack, a cap and to top it off, a pair of boots. Plus, being NCOs, we Form 5's had chevrons and lanyards too.. hahahahaha..the Corkscrew rollercoaster.
Scared to leave my belongings in the available lockers, I just carried them with me in my pockets. And my spectacles too.
*finished riding rollercoaster*
* feel like I'm getting a sorethroat. *

WeIWe all screamed our lungs out on the ride. Yea!
(this is a good way to release exam stress and tension. How nice!@)

Go FunKart was superbly.......boring/slow/disappointing.
After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, it was totally disappointing to find out exactly how SLOW the karts are. I pressed down on the pedal throughout the 3 laps, but the dumb contraption just wouldn't go any faster... aaaarrrghhh...

Kee An, Kee An (desperately trying to chase up the stranger)

See how much Daniel is enjoying himself!! (in front)

Our lovable Cpl. Anthony Khoo. XD

I have no idea who took this picture of this girl in a

The go-karts at Eagle Ranch are waaaayy better/faster/exciting. yeah...

Lunch was at KFC. Actually, we went to check out the Bak Kut Teh. Results: Anthony led us out of the food court. Bak Kut Teh = RM 23.00... wooohh.

KFC. Seating disaster. Most of us ended up in Burger King, me included. Hehe. Burger King. I haven't been there for a long time. The burgers have shrunk, but I still felt pretty full after the meal. Ya... I paid RM 19.22 for the Value Meal (upsize) .Note: Value. The minimum price for any single value meal was about RM 17.80. (not including tax)

```going up the super-long escalator```

At KFC Burger King.

By the way, the last time I went to Genting was when I was in primary school. So... today was a great day - I had the time of my life, laughing and joking, fellowshipping..haha.. with my buddies especially Anthony, Kee An, Voon Ho, Jack Kee, Adrian, Benny, Toh Seng, Daniel, Matthew. Haha..practically all the Form 5's were there, except Xian Lum who opted to stay home and study. Oh well, he missed all the fun.

After lunch,

Pedalled the boat with Taw Wei until my legs felt like they would fall off.
Banged other Boys' boats in the process at least 15 times.
Pushed Matthew's boat backwards. LoL!
Let them push us as we rested. hahaha...
Bugged the cameramen - the Ng brothers to take more pictures of me and Taw Wei..and everyone else.

Boating is FUN!!

The Ng Brothers. ``Mysteriously Enticing``
``one is cool, the other is yeng``

The water is rather cold ..haha.. but we are WARM.

Boating ..boat..boat.. paddle.. cycle..

mostly my gang. haha..Kee An, Anthony, Woei An, Adrian, Benny, Jack Kee and Isaac.

Laughed/screamed my lungs out on the Rolling Thunder Mine Train.
Which lasted only 1 minute and 25 seconds (I timed it..haha)
But it was great.

Before the Rolling Thunder Mine Train rolled in, we rolled out some photos. =D

Not as nice as the Corkscrew though - that ride was superb!
I didn't feel the upside down part because we were turning and turning and turning...effect of centrifugal force...or is it centripetal??..hmm..hahahaha the physics involved is more than you think. Rollercoasters operate on momentum.

Yea, we were shouting either "Loke Ku Pao" or "Weng Chien Kor" on the rollercoasters.. Hahha.. we even started singing Chee Cheong Fun on the Mine Train, then ended up laughing too much that we had to stop. o.O.

Archery - Anthony's idea. / My first experience of that kind of shooting.
Now I know how hard it is to get a pointed object to hit the centre of a marked target. Ishh..
RM 12 for 23 arrows. Is that good or what? (compared to RM 9 for 12 arrows - we got a group package for the 11 of us)

```on target/off target/hopelessly off target/ swt/ argh... ```

o.O Kee An.. and.. o.O... the attendant.. lol

Aim. Steady. Fire!!..TWANNG>>...oops..hahaha..not bad wor..bullseye..hahaha..(kidding..)..

*takes aim and pulls string/whatever you call it..*
*TWANGGG>>>. ..BUllseye!.. (not Go Jack Kee!. ^^*

Later we found out that they had thought we had 12 people, so we had to pay for the extra nonexistent person. Calculation. Each of the 11 people pays extra RM 1 and I think Jack Kee paid the balance of RM 2.

On the way back - with Jack Kee.. haha.. we share the same surname.. XD

What is Jin Zhao looking at??..
Yea... I'm saying sorry to Jack Kee. For... conspiring with Jia Wen to constantly bug him for the last 25 minutes or so of the bus ride back. Sorry Jack Kee!!! So sorry...

It drizzled for the last part of our day at Genting. The wet weather added to the coldness of the atmosphere.. ooohh... *shivers*

Anyway, the fun was the best I had in a while. What a great way to start a holiday!.
The last function.. until after SPM. Yeah. This holidays have to be spent really wisely. Studying.
However, the urge to blog is a bit too strong to resist. *control....*

It is midnight. Wah. I need to sleep. Hahaha...laughed so much today.. laugh more.. hahahahaha.... hahahahhahahahahahaahhhaa... heh. out of breath. *breathes in* ...Hahhahahahahahaahahaa.

I'll get the pictures from Adrian by Wednesday. Yay.. thanks for bringing your camera, Adrian. =D

"A picture paints a thousand words"

Energizer/BB - We ROCK!!

Till then.
Now. ZZzz

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