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8:55 PM

Human - Chemical Analogy

Etched by Isaac

Last night, after some inspiration from my brother and mother, I realised that like chemicals, humans can be classified into a few categories. Hehe.


Flammable chemicals catch fire easily. Once they burn, it's hard to put out the fire.

"Flammable" humans get angry easily, causing them to burn with hatred and jealousy. They waste no time in inflicting their heartfelt pain on those around them. Like the chemical, their flame is not easily quenched.

Toxic / Poisonous

Like the name, toxic chemicals are dangerous to mankind and his kin. They can cause detrimental effects to one's health, and perhaps death.

"Toxic" humans are no different. This class of people have a sole purpose in life :
To make other peoples' lives wrought with worry; to bog them down; to poison their thinking and so on and so forth. They can turn cheerful souls into downtrodden individuals, sucking away their wellbeing until the inevitable occurs: Death.


Irritants are chemicals that do not kill; they merely irritate.
However, irritants can turn life into hell on earth.

"Irritant" humans are exactly that. These group of homo sapiens make life difficult. They hang around others, not trying to help, but to make things worse. They rub in the salt into the wound whenever they have the chance. When they aren't doing that, they seem to be brainstorming innovative methods to annoy people.


Explosives are dangerous. Who doesn't know that? *think dynamite* - Trinitrotoluene *TNT* is used to blow things to bits. Imagine the power these chemicals hold.

Likewise, "Explosive" humans are pretty dangerous.
(Not pretty; they are DANGEROUS)
Such individuals possess the rare ability of being able to blow their top at any moment, at the slightest disturbance or annoyance. They explode into angry insults and curses without warning once you intrude on their personal space *however large that may be*
Of course, the effects that they leave on others are equally damaging. Imagine yourself being impacted by flying shrapnel from a grenade in your hand. The emotional and mental effects that one receives from such people can leave scars for life. Not to mention physical bruises. *ouch*


Corrosive chemicals have the remarkable ability to leave their mark on other things *literally*.
They eat into materials, leaving a permanent hole there.

"Corrosive" people are harmful to the health of others; they ensure that others do not go unscathed. With acrimonious accusations and well-timed insidious insults, corrosive beings heap hundreds of hurts on unfortunate people around them. Holes are formed in the self-esteem and confidence of those inflicted.


Last but definitely not the least, radioactive chemicals are the most dangerous of all the chemical classes mentioned. Why?
Radioactive chemicals are capable of altering human DNA *deoxyribonucleic acid*.
In other words, radioactive chemicals can change the way living things work. Period.

Radioactive humans, therefore, are life-changers. One good example of a radioactive person is none other than Jesus Christ.
This man (if you could call him a man... born of a virgin through divine conception), transformed society and broke barriers throughout the time in which He lived.
Leading thousands to eternal life, He was humble and pleasant while at the same time bold enough to rebuke the devil.
He changed the way others lived. He changed their thoughts. He changed their lives. He set them on fire, their hearts ablaze.


I want to be a radioactive person.

I want to change others.

I want to help make this world a better place.

How about you??


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