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11:32 AM

No more pictures please...

Etched by Isaac

Enough of uploading pictures..

At least for a while.

I've had pretty much enough of clicking and reclicking..
*why can't Blogger allow us poor pitiful photobugs to upload more photos at one time??*

To upload all those pictures below, I organised them into folders of 5 pictures each...
and then still got like.... 18 folders...

It took me about 30 minutes to finish uploading.
(think clicking and playing CS...aim for the file....shoot the upload box...repeat a thousand times..=.='')

So today I attended the first service.

It is significantly shorter than the other services, leaving you with more time to spend doing other things...


I gotta wake up early...

I gotta say sorry to Angelina.. whoops.. because I said I'd take a photo with her..
(I only knew that I had to go the first service last night... when my mum got a SMS from the usher group leader..)
*next week lahh..take picture* *haha~~*

Don't wanna upload pictures..
so upload video..

I don't want to let people see me.. hahahahaha~~~~

The pianist at church today.. wahh.. so PRO!...
I wanna learn...
My playing is nothing to shout about.
My piano is out of tune..
No point tuning it because it'll only get out of tune again. Besides, I'm not taking any piano exams soon...
I wanna play jazz! (but I'm always playing classical)


Later.. hehe. challenge. Soo + Yem VS Isaac + Loke + Xian Lum = (no idea yet.. but most probably we'll lose terribly) .HAHAHA!~

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