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4:16 PM


Etched by Isaac

Patience is a virtue.
At least that's what I tell myself.
And the people around me.

I have been uploading photos (and a video) since 10.30 am......

Update will come.
Maybe by tonight.
Maybe by tomorrow.
Or the day after.

One thing is sure.
It will be LONG and heavily loaded with photos.

I have been sick
Couldn't touch the PC yesterday.
I got home at 6.
After 2 hours of badminton.
Even though I have the flu and I know it.
The game was great.
Probably there will be photos on Xian Lum's blog.
(hint to Xian Lum..DO post those photos.. please...especially the photos of ME.. lols)

The doctor told me to rest.
And take my medicine.
I slept from 11.30 till 10.10.
Now I have a headache from looking through all 870 photos taken yesterday.
And deciding which to upload.
Some 150 are blur.. so I deleted them.
Moral of the story..
next time, use SPORTS mode..
People are asking me for the photos.
Mr. Lee wants a CD. I said OK.
I think Kay Yan asked for the photos too..
Afiq can't wait to get his hands on them
I have tried about 10 file hosting sites.
And ended up with a headache.
However, the best site seems to be
I'll post up links.
I hate Blogger for not allowing uploads of more than 5 photos at a time.

Basically, yesterday was a totally fun-fillled day.
3 hours of walking/running from class to class with Dennis,
Followed by a run around MABA with the BB Boys, yelling "KIRI, KIRI, KIRI KANAN KIRI!!" at the top of my lungs,
Leaving me with an aggravated sore throat - like sandpaper.
Then listening to Chen Hoong's advice for 30 minutes.
And almost falling asleep after that with Loke.
Then walking to the badminton court which I never knew existed - at the top floor of the shopping centre where I purchase pirated software...
And playing badminton for the next 2 hours.
Playing dropshots like nobody's business..
seeing them run..
And failing to return the shots..
While I conserve energy for another 2 hours on Sunday.
Finishing the game.
Walking back with Jack Kee (the aspiring pilot who's (I can't believe this) almost 1 head shorter than me...but he's one of my closer friends, joining the ranks of Voon Ho, Anthony, Kee An, Dennis, Mun Fei, Matthew Cho, Xian Lum, Yem, Yee Seng, Bernard, Nigel, Hwa Jiunn and Soo)
Reaching home dead tired aching all over.
Sitting down in front of the computer.
Realising that the camera and the memory card are with my mother.
About 20 km away from where it would be rather.
Moving 60 km/h even faster
Later I charged the battery and went through the pictures.
And was pretty shocked that I had taken SO MANY photos.
And started deleting all the blur/not so nice photos.

The post with the photos won't contain so many words.
Because this one does.
And I may not be able to finish that post before I sleep tonight.
SPM is coming and here I am wasting my time blogging.
And to think I'll be doing this AGAIN on Thursday (Graduation Day)

Photos carry wonderful memories.
And that's why I'm doing this.
Even though most of the photos are devoid of my presence.

School's over.
5 years.
It's gone.
Just like that.
So fast.
I don't know what to say.
What to do.
Life goes on..
I've got to move on.
I've got to STUDY.

And Yea,

I want to say (a rather late)


to Yee Seng.

The all-time favourite wonderful captain who never fails to crack jokes in a timely manner causing us to burst into laughter.
He was "bashed up" worse in the Prefects' Room than in class.
In class, they beat him on the back.
You could hear the thuds and slams and smacks.
However, he ended up with cake in his face later.
Looking like a clown (literally - he had reddish cream on his nose and coffee cream everywhere else on his face), Yee Seng stood there with hands spread wide as if saying "WHAT lah..".
It was a remarkable play on his part not to yell in anger, but instead, he laughed.
He laughed!
That is a testimony to his easy-going character in general. He's also one of the most humble guys I know.
However, he can be stern whenever he wants to.
I still remember his parting speech as Junior Captain. He told the whole Board a sad story. And we felt like crying. *sniff*..

As his classmate for five whole years, and one of his colleagues in the Prefectorial Board MBSSKL, I would like to wish Yee Seng all the best in his undertaking of the SPM examinations and also to ultimately fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor.
Yea. And his dreams with a certain somebody who bought him his cake too. *ahem ahem*. =D


And I'd like to say this too: Thanks for being my friend for the past 5 years. I'm happy to have you as my friend. =D =D =D

And I'm feeling rather guilty.. for not getting you a present... sorry .. sorry.. sorry........=(
I seriously didn't know it was your birthday until the night before when Hwa Jiunn told me through MSN...=(

*and thanks to Joanna for posting a whole post about Yee Seng's birthday so I remembered about my intentions to post this up.. =D thanks Joanna..*

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Its ME said...

I am sorry to read about you falling sick and very sad to when you can do better than just living in down in the valley.
Cheer up isaac, and use water-cure protocol and you don't have to feel sick anymore, promise you drink enough water for your brain energy to optimal level to enjoy your days ahead. Details can be found here at Healthy Wealth blog, for free and intersting ideas fertilization.

Patience is a teacher of life. Slow and steady and strength for another step to glory and victory!

Hurray, I can really encourage you right?

isaac said...

wah.. nice .. thanks!.. =)