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6:13 PM

IS it over??

Etched by Isaac

IS it over??

WAS it over??

Come 27th November 2008, the day

The Day for many Form 5s

It would be the day that Marked

The end of Their Sufferings

Or so-called.

Tension mounted.

Perspiration dripped.

The clock ticked.

The finishing seconds before the beginning.

Of the last paper.

EST 1.

"Anda boleh mula menjawab sekarang"

And so the paper was opened.


The rustling of a hundred pieces of white paper

Shook the pre-examination silence

In the three classroom-long hall

Gears and levers.

Simple machines.

Not-so-simple answers.

If one was not careful,

It would be so easy to make silly mistakes.

Like in EST 2.

The reason why many of our seniors missed

The straight A1 list


Killer subject in disguise.

A small mistake translates into many marks.

There are 85 marks.


Unlike BM - 240 marks.

And Bio/Chem/Physics - 200/200/190 marks.

The hand inched past the numbers.

Out of sight from the back of the hall.

Visible from where I perched.

On my chair.

Craning my neck.

To determine the source of hydroelectricity.

Biology students should consider themselves lucky.

If they had studied.

Chapter 6 Form 4 - Nutrition.



On Nutrition and its Problems.

My essay ran up about 950 words.


The seconds passed.

To some, they seemed like hours.

The only barrier between them and FREEDOM.

But it was over all too soon.

Yells of delight emanated from the above.

We downstairs dwellers are more civilised.

We clapped for the examiners.

Applause all around.

And finished the exams with pride.

But I reflected that I must be in school at

Eight in the morning the next day.

For 4 hours of accounts.


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