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Rain Whole Day
Non-existent Camp Craft
Mud Chicken

I woke up to the pitter-patter of raindrops falling on the tent.
With Voon Ho on my right. (",)
And GRASS and SOIL on my left.
I slept next to the ground.. on the edge of the groundsheet. =)

Then the bugle call... Reveille... all woke up.. stood unsteadily.. I couldn't stand properly.. too tall.. lol.

Off to the toilet to brush my teeth.

There was a series of tree trunks leading down the slope

It was drizzling practically the whole day.
So.. we were .. like.. cooking.. finding firewood.. washing up.. playing around... and repeating that... the whole day..
There was supposed to be some camp craft..
But it was non-existent..because.. nobody actually got down to doing it.
We did draw up our flag though..
Not really nice..
(sharan...) .. he put in so many things into the flag that it became like a mural.. not fulfilling its purpose.. aiyah..
But we did have PT - Physical Training.. the usual stuff.. jogging.. stretching.. pushups..situps..yalah.. frog jumps.. =.='''

Interior of Group One's Tent
As you can see.. it is pretty crowded...

Voon Ho got the extra shelter up.. so we could put our bags there.. =)
(while I got lunch ready)
In between,
I had some rest time..
So I played with my camera..
All these pictures were taken from my perch up at my tent. =D

Gordon and I

My "perch"


Xian Lum's Group

Me again

Then I noticed Voon Ho coming up..
So I called out.. telling him to stay there first. .. to take pictures.. =)

Voon Ho looks like he's in a winter country..


*ding..*.. peace..

Voon Ho and I.
Nice picture weihh.. yea yea yea..
Group 1 Leader and Assistant. =)
Under shelter
On top of flysheet.

On to more zooming in on people.

Johnny in river.. hehe..

Gordon walking down

The group

Our tent and shelter

Mua again

My group's lunch was... PASTA!!.. (with Prego sauce.. mmmmmm...)
All these pictures are courtesy of Xian Lum. =D

See the SAUCE...

Part of the river

Part of my group's "food supplies"

Food, Glorious Food!

We finished the sauce!

Not to mention the pot of Campbell's Mushroom Soup we cooked.. heheh..

After lunch.. washup of mess tins.. and. utensils.. then.. more camwhoring..
I visited the other groups.
These pictures were taken from Kee An's "pondok"

Us having some fun time

Kee An being a professional fire tender while Anthony blows..


What are you doing, Toh Seng??

Xian Lum with... plant?

Then Sai Hong took the plant

Toh Seng .. cutting wood.. I think..

Where's the fire?

Loke is Laughing

Peace pipe smoking?
Chong Foo..Sergeant See!!
(Voon Ho looks on...)

Anthony cutting wood..or.. lamb chop? Steak? (I think he caught something)

Make full use of camera ZOOM
I was actually trying to capture Adrian's picture..

Then we moved on to the bridge
Anthony and Roxen


And Kee An

And Toh Seng and Yem

Anthony and I

Joking ..

The officers called for a food check.
I think it was Madam Wendy's idea though.. (just my opinion)
Because she didn't want any groups to go starving.. she suggested we pool/barter our food..

Part of my group's leftover food.

Actually, like Voon Ho said, our group was very well prepared.. we had extra food..
48 eggs.
(which Madam Wendy cooked for one meal.. =.='' )

And later, we learnt about MUD CHICKEN.

Apparently.. it's beggar chicken.
Chicken wrapped in foil with seasoning and then the foil is covered with.. yes you guessed it.. MUD...
The whole thing is thrown into the belly of the fire amongst the red/white-hot coals
And it is left to cook.
For a not-too-long-neither-too-short period of time.
Too long and your chicken will turn into the "Extra-Crispy" version of chicken.. that is practically burnt to a crisp.. like charcoal.. hahaha..
Too short and the chicken will be undercooked and inedible..

We did the same thing for sweet potatoes.

Courtesy of our kind officers, we learnt all that.
And within 30 minutes.

Mr. Tham teaching us how to start a proper fire.
(using charcoal and solid fuel)

Then Mr. Chan came into the picture.

Mr. Tham tending to fire

*slops mud onto aluminium foil-wrapped chicken*

Mr Chan's spotlight time

The fire?

Demonstration on how to season and wrap your very own Mud Chicken!
By Mr. Chan - our ever-energetic 1stKL officer cum pro drummer

Then we were on our own to try it out.

Xian Lum's group


The mud-wrapping process

I had my first shower today.
(with Wey Luek)
Shiver shiver..
But not so bad..
Syok betul..

Dinner came and went...
And Voon Ho and I went to washup the stuff..
We wanted out..
Our group had plenty of problems..
Unity problems.. that is..
The problem with the problems.. was that.. the problems.. had been existent.. longer than we had been in the BB...
You see... there are clans within the Boys.
And.. the 2 ringleaders of the 2 main clans.. were in our group.. and
They Clashed..
When one party did something good, the other would shoot it down..
When that party missed out on something, .. more shooting would follow..
And Voon Ho and I were at our wit's ends.
So.. after some consultation and advice from Sai Hong,
Voon Ho and I.. we decided to just get away.. to forget about it for a while.. to release some stress..
By washing up the mess tins and utensils..
Because... none of our group members were willing to do the job.
So.. we kinda boycotted our group.. to wash the utensils.
And we chatted there..
About the future.. about our plans.. our problems.. our happy moments...everything.. and then Adrian joined us..
We talked about our education... where we would be going.. after the camps.. after SPM results.. Form 6??.. College??.. driving learning??.. yea... this is what I joined the camp for.. to catch up and chat with my good friends.. ^^

Thanks to Jin Zhao.. we have these really nice photos.. =D
Thanks Jin Zhao!

Then.. back to the sober moments of disunity...

And.. this "discovery"

It's Rice.
It reminds us.. to be optimistic.. heheheh..

Singalong session

I couldn't fit the whole group in at once..
Actually I could.. by walking off the edge of the hall.. LOL..
Then there would be no more pictures. =P

Ze Form 5's


This was taken during the "Where's the Peanut?" game..
It was a superbly funny... though quite lame.. game..
It went.. "Where's the Peanut?, Where's the Peanut?, Where's the Peanut?" X 2
Then.. the next group would have to answer.. and..
the story went on and on..
(sung to the tune of.. Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling, Oh Darling Clementine...)

After worship and sharing, we returned to discover.. hehe.. BURNT chicken...

So I cooked my own mud chicken.. myself.. hehe..
And it worked.. =D

Here comes Jia Sheng!!



But.. camwhore a bit first.. before.. sweet dreams..

Supposed to do sentry again.. but.. didn't do..
This time..
It was because... one of our group members didn't wake up the next sentry properly..and we all ended up sleeping soundly...
My 2nd night of proper 7 hour sleep.

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